12 Best Honeymoon Destinations in April
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Honeymoons in April

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in April

Spring is a great time to go on honeymoon and April offers many reasons to jet off. For many places April is somewhat of a crossroads, where it’s either at the end of the wet season or the beginning of the dry season. This period, often known as the ‘shoulder season’, means you’ll often get far better weather than you bargained for and at a cheaper rate as well.

April represents the tail end of the Caribbean’s dry season, so it’s great for sneaking in a honeymoon to Saint Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda or Grenada before the rain increases. The same goes for Dubai, which is still cool enough to explore before the intense heat of its summer arrives, and the Seychelles, whose ‘shoulder season’ is an exceptional playground for divers.

However, April is also a time when honeymoon destinations which haven’t experienced its best weather at the start of the year are now coming into their own. The South Pacific is at its best even before the main high season begins, so places like the Cook Islands and Fiji are good value for money. Places like Bali in Indonesia and the islands floating in the Gulf of Thailand mean new areas of Asia are opening up weather-wise, while in Australia, its up-and-coming star Perth is perfect at this time of year. In Africa, Botswana is at its most lush and California is also soaked in sun.

A honeymoon in April is great, as you’ll get better deals in the ‘shoulder season’ with just as great weather. Plus with many of the crowds yet to arrive (or long gone), you’ll have a far more intimate, romantic getaway.

Where To Go

The Best Places to Honeymoon in April

Indian Ocean


With over 100 emerald-swathed islands, each ringed with perfect powder-soft beaches, the Seychelles is many people’s ideas of a dream honeymoon in April. It exceeds the hype, too, with plenty of ways to escape the goings-on in the world around and just unwind with your loved one on an idyllic stretch of sand. There’s still plenty of ways to explore a wilder side to this archipelago, while its pantone-tinged reefs and lagoons hide a magical marine world just waiting to snorkelled.

Holiday type: Dream Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • It’s just before the dry season, so days will be slightly cooler and be drier than the wet season.
  • The shoulder month of April offers one of the best times to go diving in the Seychelles, as it’s when its waters are at their clearest.
  • It’s also the best time to spot Seychellois wildlife which lurks inland, as this is when the trade winds change and this calmer period makes for greater changes to spot animals.

More about honeymooning in the Seychelles.

Middle East


A Middle Eastern city with all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood premiere, Dubai is an urban hub that looks to the future. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, pierces the Earth’s atmosphere, while giant malls and huge boulevards make it a city where size matters. As well as the sleek city buzz there’s a beautiful selection of beaches, so you can combine city exploration with relaxing on superb sands. It’s a brilliant honeymoon destination to spend a few days in its own right, but also dovetails wonderfully with many other places for a twin-centre honeymoon.

Holiday type: Minimoon Honeymoon and Multi Destination Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • April represents the last month before the temperatures experienced in Dubai resemble a sauna. It’s both comfortable to explore outdoors and balmy enough for chilling on the beach.
  • It’s close to Dubai’s ‘hot’ season so many people go earlier in the year, leaving you to enjoy its quieter malls and beaches.
  • The Maldives is also great at this time of year, making a combination of city glitz and desert island escape an exciting twin-centre honeymoon.

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Antigua & Barbuda

With 365 beaches – one for every day of the year – the main island Antigua is literally a destination where you could spend each day on a different stretch of sand. However, if you’re lazing on a beach you’re not just living the Caribbean dream on your honeymoon, you’re doing as the locals do because life’s a beach in Antigua. Relax with rum in hand and watch the yachts pass by as you don’t move from your spot – bar the odd snorkel. Its sister island, Barbuda, is laced with blush-coloured beaches and waters teeming with life, so it’s worth combining both for an unforgettable honeymoon in April.

Holiday type: Dream Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • Every April, it’s Antigua Sailing Week! It’s one of the world’s great sailing events where 100 yachts participate in this regatta and a brilliant spectacle, whether you’re a keen sailing fan or not.
  • It’s the tail end of Antigua & Barbuda’s dry season, so there’s great weather to be had and those who have spent the winter in the Caribbean will have long gone!
  • Barbuda is home to the largest colony of frigate birds in the western hemisphere and April is the best time to see them.

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From cool city chic to great expanses of wilderness, California offers something for every type of honeymoon. There’s the natural splendour of Yosemite National Park, the Hollywood glamour of Los Angeles, the wonderful wine regions of Napa and Sonoma valleys and the cool city vibe of San Francisco. If you’re looking for adventure on a honeymoon then you’ll find it here in the shape of a thrilling road trip. You’ll be living the American Dream on a California honeymoon!

Holiday type: Adventure Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • Spring offers mild temperatures inland with light breezes and comfortable conditions, which are the best times to hike the wilds of Yosemite National Park.
  • The northern wine regions of Napa and Sonoma valleys are in full bloom, so they’ll be looking their best during your honeymoon in April!
  • Palm Springs hosts the iconic Coachella music festival across two weekends in April. Even if you don’t have a ticket, the vibe around the town is buzzing.

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South Pacific


It’s said that good things come in threes. If that’s the case, then a honeymoon in Fiji will be incredible, as it has 333 islands. Numbers aside, each isle is the perfect combination of emerald jungle, postcard-perfect beaches and glassy lagoons. It’s a collection of islands that Robinson Crusoe would feel at home on such is their pristine nature, so if you’re looking for that back-to-nature island escape for your honeymoon in April, then Fiji’s the one.

Holiday type: Dream Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • The weather in Fiji starting to get cooler and less humid, which makes April a great time to go before the crowds come.
  • The great weather is matched by hotels often offering lower rates before the high season kicks in, so it’s good value for money at this time of year.
  • April marks the start of the manta ray season if you’re based in the Yasawas and though their numbers might not be at their highest yet, you might lucky and see them.

More about honeymooning in Fiji.



It’s such a massive country, you can often be left wondering where to start on your trip to Australia. It helps that various parts of the country are able to be visited at different times of the year and in April, it’s Western Australia’s turn. It’s one of the least-visited parts of the country but for a honeymoon that makes it all the more charming – sip glasses of wine in Margaret River, make friends with quokkas on Rottnest Island and swim with whale sharks up the coast at Ningaloo Reef.

Holiday type: Adventure Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • It’s autumn in the southern half of Australia, so temperatures are warm (without being too hot) and days are clear and rain-free.
  • The mild weather (by Australian standards) lends itself perfectly to both the beach and to outdoor activities, such as cycling pretty Rottnest Island.
  • For a real bucket-list experience, head north from Perth up the coast to the Ningaloo Reef, where in April you can go swimming with whale sharks.

More about honeymooning in Australia.



A breathtaking blend of cultures, traditions and landscapes, Indonesia is an enchanting assortment of thousands of islands. Combining several of them together is essential for a fuller flavour of what this country has to offer. Bali has a unique spiritual vibe that sets it apart from its neighbours, Lombok is rich in untouched landscapes and Java hides the beautiful stupas of Borobudur. Indonesia is island-hopping honeymoon bursting with culture, adventure and soul-stirring experiences.

Holiday type: Multi Destination Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • It’s the beginning of the dry season, so you’ll miss the most of the crowds that Indonesia’s peak time in the middle of the dry season attracts.
  • The dry season makes for excellent diving in Komodo National Park, so you can twin its famous dragons with magical marine life!
  • Despite its widely spread nature, islands like Java, Bali, Lombok and the Gilis are all dry, so you can easily combine a handful of islands at this time of year.

More about honeymooning in Indonesia.



There are few better places for a honeymoon in April that combine both thrills and chills than Thailand. There are tribes and jungle wilderness in the north, the energetic vibe of Bangkok in the centre and exotic islands harbouring blissful beaches floating off its coastline. April is a great month for combining all three before the hot and sticky summer arrives, so you can get a broader taste of Thailand as a whole.

Holiday type: Multi Destination Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • Temperatures aren’t too hot, so it’s great for chilling on the beach and snorkelling the crystal-clear waters of its islands in the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Thailand’s north and capital city, Bangkok, also experience great weather, so can combine visits to these regions with a relaxing island stay.
  • April is just before the hot, wet and sticky months that most of Thailand endures during the summer months, so it’s quieter than peak dry season.

More about honeymooning in Thailand.


Saint Lucia

If you’re seeking a shot of adrenaline to go with your Caribbean cool on your honeymoon in April, then Saint Lucia is arguably the region’s capital of adventure. The Pitons are the islands icons and its forested slopes and the surrounding jungle make for captivating hiking. Cycling and zip-lining are also enthralling experiences, while offshore you can spot dolphins, paddle the lagoons in a kayak or go snorkelling. Make sure you find time to relax on your honeymoon, too (which we’re sure you will), as Saint Lucia isn’t short of golden beaches!

Holiday type: Dream Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • Though April lies outside Saint Lucia’s driest months (December-March), you’ll only experience a few extra drops on rain and still have fantastic weather.
  • This transition from the dry season to the wet summer means many people stay away, so you’ll have more of the island to yourself.
  • Saint Lucia’s two-week Jazz & Arts Festival often begins either at the end of April or beginning of May, so it’s a great opportunity to party with the locals.

More about honeymooning in Saint Lucia.



The sweet smells of Grenada are sure to instil romance into any honeymoon – it is known as the Spice Island after all. Its volcanic landscapes are filled with plantations growing cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and more, while the vibrancy of flowers like oleander and bougainvillea bring the scenery to life. It’s a gorgeous set of vistas fit for any April honeymoon and its beaches match its lush interior as well, with Grand Anse often said to be one of the best beaches in the whole Caribbean.

Holiday type: Dream Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • April is in Grenada’s dry season, so you’re guaranteed sunshine and temperatures which nudge 30°C.
  • This excellent patch of weather means you’ll see its colourful flowered landscapes in their prime.
  • At the end of March, four species of turtle (hawksbill, leatherback, loggerhead and green) come to nest on Grenada’s north coast, right up until the end of June.

More about honeymooning in Grenada.



Away from the traditional dusty African savannahs, the watery world of the Okavango Delta is one of the continent’s finest safaris. If you’re after a unique honeymoon in April, where else can you ride in a traditional dug-out canoe and float past hippos, lions and leopards hiding among the reeds? Wildlife lovers will adore Botswana and not just for the Okavango. There’s over 400 species of birds to be found in Chobe National Park, as well as plenty of elephants, while the barren salt pans of Makgadikgadi National Park are an altogether different sight to those found elsewhere in Botswana.

Holiday type: Safari Honeymoon

Why visit in April?

  • Botswana experiences comfortable temperatures during April, with days wavering from anything between 15-30°C.
  • Following the rainy season, Botswana’s landscapes burst into life, an incredible carpet of green that blankets most of the country.
  • April is when many animals start to migrate to the Okavango Delta from the desolate Kalahari Desert and while the green landscape makes the wildlife trickier to spot, it’s a beautiful landscape in which to look for them.

More about honeymooning in Botswana.

South Pacific

Cook Islands

An unsung jewel in the South Pacific when you compare it to more famous neighbours such as Fiji and The Islands of Tahiti, the Cook Islands is an off-the-beaten-track archipelago that’s nothing but welcoming and chilled. Here, your honeymoon will be set to island time, a languid way of life where you can’t help but be charmed by its friendly locals, beautiful beaches and emerald mountainscapes. Make sure you get your footprint-shaped passport stamp on a visit to One Foot Island, too – the ultimate honeymoon souvenir!

Holiday type: Unusual Honeymoon Destination

Why visit in April?

  • April is right at the start of the Cooks’ dry season, so while you’ll have brilliant weather, crowds won’t have hit their peak yet.
  • Rarotonga’s wild landscapes will be at their most lush following a full rainy season.
  • Temperatures will be cooler (but still warm) than the hot and wet rainy season, which is perfect for both exploring the wilderness and lazing on the beach.

More about honeymooning in the Cook Islands.


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