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Overwater Bungalows and Villas

When you’re dreaming of an idyllic honeymoon resort, your romantic retreat from the rest of the world, does an overwater bungalow perched above the turquoise ocean sound like your idea of paradise? If so, you’re not alone; staying in an overwater bungalow on your honeymoon is incredibly popular with loved-up couples and if you’re headed on a tropical holiday, they’re practically a honeymoon staple.

Set on stilts above the ocean and linked by raised walkways to the mainland, overwater bungalows offer privacy, great views and the fantastic experience of stepping straight down from your terrace into the water. Everything about them whispers ‘tropical paradise’ – after all, you’d never find them in the UK and if you did, you’d hardly want to stay in one. So, where do you find these idyllic rooms? A honeymoon in the Maldives or the South Pacific, which are the two hottest destinations for overwater bungalows, will also offer a mix of traditional beach rooms and suites as well. However, do not discount a honeymoon in Malaysia or a honeymoon in Cambodia as these destinations also offer this sought after overwater experience!

The downside of these stilted suites is that by-and-large they are more expensive than land-based rooms. This has nothing necessarily to do with size or amenities, just their position and the novelty of ‘living’ above the water. Beach lovers may also miss the feel of sand between their toes as they step out their front door or the chance to lounge in a hammock directly on their porch. And, for safety reasons, they’re also not advised for couples bringing a baby or small child on honeymoon with them.

If your heart is set on a honeymoon on stilts, but your budget won’t permit two weeks of over water living, you could always split your stay. Book a beach room for the majority of your stay and an overwater bungalow for three or four special days at the end of your trip. This gives you the best of both worlds and hopefully spares a few pennies in the process.

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