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Of course any holiday can take you to a far flung destination but a once-in-lifetime trip is different. A journey of a lifetime fulfils your biggest dream, perhaps combining several countries or continents to take you on a round the world adventure. Maybe you have always wanted to run with the Massai Warriors in Tanzania or escape via helicopter to your own secluded private island or charter a yacht and sail around the islands of Tahiti. Whatever you have in mind for your dream bucket list holiday, our team of travel experts are here to guide you. We know the best flight routes, places to stay and extraordinary experiences you can’t miss out on. So rest assured you will have the time of your life.

How do you ensure that a dream holiday lives up to a lifetime of expectation? That’s precisely what Turquoise’s expert consultants spend their days doing in order to offer a completely tailor-made itinerary for you; in fact, we go way beyond your wildest dreams, not leaving a single detail to chance. Australia and New Zealand are the ultimate bucket list holiday for many, while others dream of exploring Africa, a or the South Pacific. If neither time nor money is an object, why not turn it into a round-the-world extravaganza and include them all, with glamorous stopovers in between: the bright lights of Dubai, Hong Kong, LA and Las Vegas.

On your holiday-of-a-lifetime, the journey becomes as important as the rest, so our flight team is dedicated to ensuring yours is as enjoyable as possible from the moment you leave to the second you return. We appreciate that putting together the intricate details of any major once in a lifetime holiday can be overwhelming, so put your trust in Turquoise and you can be absolutely sure that the only thing to worry about is what to pack for the astonishing places and experiences that lie ahead. Thanks to our first-hand experience of every place we book, we can gladly advise on that too!

Need some inspiration for your travel bucket list? Take a look at through our itineraries below. Of course, we appreciate your trip could be entirely different based on your budget and ambitions, but here are some ideas to get you started…


The most amazing places to visit


Bucket list holidays

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