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Australia Honeymoons

Luxury Australia Honeymoon Packages

Australia’s coastline measures in at more than 22,000 miles, and that’s before you take into consideration the 14,000-plus miles that circumnavigate its islands. In short, we’re talking an awful lot of sand, sun, sea and surf, not to mention many of its beaches featuring in the world’s top 100.

It's this coastline that draws the majority of visitors, especially for a luxury Australia honeymoon, but it's certainly not a place for just lying on a lounger. Aussies have an innate get-up-and-go attitude and once you're here it becomes contagious! This is the great outdoors – an authentic adventure, Aussie style.

Read on to learn more about what you could experience with one of our luxury Australia honeymoon packages.

Honeymoon tips

Top five tips for a honeymoon in Australia

Keep it simple

It's sometimes difficult to get your head around the size of Australia. Although it is part of the world’s smallest continent it’s the sixth largest country. Mainland Europe can fit into Australia’s borders! In short, don’t try and do too much. Australia is possible to visit in two weeks but the longer you have there the better! However even if you are lucky enough to have a lot of time off for your honeymoon, don’t overdo it. It's more important to truly experience a few regions than try and rush everything – you can always go back!

Spend time in Sydney

Sydney is a must for any honeymoon in Australia. A glamorous, cool and chic city with a beautiful harbour littered with islands, coves, inlets and beaches, it's just waiting to be explored. A three-night stay is an ideal amount of time to explore. Even then you'll leave wishing you had stayed longer. Make sure you have a room facing the harbour - it's worth the extra cost.

Top tip: Take a scenic flight up the Hawkesbury River in a seaplane for lunch.

Head to the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier and the islands of this pristine wilderness are another must-see if you haven’t visited before. The Queensland coast has the best weather during our summer months, so it's perfect for a lot of honeymooners looking to go away straight after their wedding. It is also a lovely place to visit in spring and autumn, but humidity and rainfall are more likely during this time. The founders of Turquoise Holidays got engaged on Lizard Island - a perfect honeymoon paradise and a firm favourite at Turquoise!

Enjoy a stopover along the way

Break up the long the journey Down Under with a stopover in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong. This gives your honeymoon a fun two-centre twist and your body a bit of a rest! It is always worth getting a quote for business class or premium economy, as airfares are cheaper per mile than any other destination worldwide. So, although it seems expensive compared to other destinations, there is usually a bargain to be found!

Live like a local

Australia is all about culture and the fantastic Aussie lifestyle. Move away from big hotel brands and experience local life by staying in one of our beach houses or smaller boutique properties. Learn to surf, sample some of the fantastic Australian wines, and most importantly, try a famous Moreton Bay bug (a type of lobster) straight from the barbecue.

Honeymoon resorts

Our top five honeymoon resorts in Australia


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Australia honeymoon inspiration
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