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Multi destination honeymoons
Twin Centre

Twin Centre & Multi Destination Honeymoons

At Turquoise we love twin centre honeymoons. Not only are they a great way to break-up long flights, but they give couples the chance to enjoy several different destinations and experiences. Whether you’re simply stopping off for a few days before you head to your ‘ultimate destination’ or splitting your time evenly between two destinations, we have a great range of multi destination honeymoon packages to choose from.

Firstly you should work out what kind of twin centre honeymoon you’re looking for. If you simply want to break up the journey, then a city stop is ideal. For instance if you’re heading to Bora Bora or Tahiti, you could fly via Los Angeles and spend a few days seeing the sights, shopping and eating out in some of the world’s best restaurants. Or, maybe travel the other way and stop off in bustling Hong Kong or Bangkok before heading on to somewhere like Fiji or Australia? Or stop over in Dubai or o before flying on to the Maldives. A city stop is a great way to squeeze some shopping, sight-seeing and culture into a beach break.

Another idea is to split your honeymoon evenly between two different destinations, thereby enjoying two holidays in one. Obvious examples are safari/beach combinations such as Tanzania or Kenya twinned with Zanzibar or the Seychelles, or perhaps South Africa or Botswana twinned with Mozambique or Mauritius. You could even have a twin centre honeymoon in the same country – combining for example a trip to mainland Australia with Tasmania, or holidaying on two of Tahiti’s islands.

If a beach/culture mix is more to your taste, then South-East Asia is a great place to think about. You could visit the stunning temples of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and then head off to Thailand’s beautiful beaches, throwing in a stop in Bangkok along the way. Or even combine a trip to up-and-coming destinations like Laos and Vietnam and fully immerse yourself in their fascinating cultures. All-in-all, you really can’t go wrong with a twin centre honeymoon.


Where to Go on a Twin Centre Honeymoon

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Multi Centre Honeymoon FAQ

What is a multi-centre honeymoon?

Quite simply, a multi-centre honeymoon is where you stay in more than one place during your romantic getaway, rather than just a single destination. Typically, this has usually meant more than one country so newlyweds experience two or more different cultures but over the years has evolved to also include honeymoons which may only stay in one country but hop around different parts.

Are twin-centre and multi-destination honeymoons the same?

In essence, yes. Twin-centre honeymoons are usually only used to describe those which only stay in two different places, while the term multi-destination honeymoons is used for honeymoons hopping around two destinations or more.

How do you plan a multi-destination honeymoon?

With the help of experts like us, of course! Aside from that, it's good to chat together as a couple about which type of destinations you would like to visit on your honeymoon. We find that a lot of couples want a bit of adventure to begin with, such as an African safari or exploring adventurous destinations like Sri Lanka, Borneo or New Zealand, and follow it up with somewhere more relaxing, like the Maldives, Mauritius or the South Pacific islands.

What are the best multi-centre destinations?

There are so many great combinations! Of course, the classic combination of adventure and relaxation is a safari in Africa, before relaxing on a beach or tropical island. If you go on safari in either Kenya or Tanzania in East Africa, then beach time in Zanzibar or the Kenyan coast is best. If you're wildlife-spotting in South Africa, then you can spend your beach time in Mozambique, the Seychelles or Mauritius. Beyond the traditional, other exciting combinations are also possible. Twin the culture and sights of Sri Lanka with the powder-soft sands of the Maldives, or mix the incredible landscapes of New Zealand with the far-flung Cook Islands. In truth, there isn't really a limit to which destinations you can combine!

Do you offer all-inclusive multi-destination honeymoons?

Yes we do. If you're going on safari, then that segment will typically have everything included. For everything else, while we don't sell any hotels or destinations which are exclusively all-inclusive, most places offer an all-inclusive board basis. However, this raises the cost of your honeymoon, so if this tips you over your planned budget then we always advise considering moving onto a half board meal plan.


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