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Holidays In Mexico

Luxury Jalisco Holidays 2024/25

  • Ancient traditions
  • Tasty tequila
  • Culinary flair
  • Beautiful beaches

Western Mexico’s Jalisco is a beautiful and culturally rich region famed for its influences on local traditions and folklore, and not least, the birthplace of tequila! Guadalajara, the capital city of Jalisco, is full of character where modern life and old time traditions are cosy roommates in this energetic community. Wonder through the capital to the sound of mariachi music filling the streets, taking in its remarkable architecture, and sampling some of the most incredible and unique flavours of local cuisine – torta ahogada anyone?! There is so much to discover beyond Guadalajara from picturesque Tequlia agave fields in the valley to the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta and neighbouring Punta Mita. Jalisco is a melting pot of authentic Mexico ready to be discovered.

Read on to learn more and start planning your dream luxury holiday in Jalisco, Mexico today!


Jalisco Highlights


The capital city of Jalisco has a vibrant metropolis vibe where modernity effortlessly marries old colonial charm. The region is known to be the origin of both tequila and mariachi music and there is no shortage of either in this exciting city. Impressive landmarks to visit include Plaza de los Mariachis and Guadalajara Cathedral or take a stroll on the contemporary side and delve into its booming art scene. Neighbouring Pueblos Magicos of Tlaquepaque is worth a visit, known for handicrafts such as pottery, ceramics, textiles, and handblown glass. And during the late summer months, the International Mariachi and Charreria Festival is an incredible atmosphere not to be missed in Guadalajara. Seen as a traditional symbol of national pride, the festival’s aim is to preserve Mexican and Guadalajaran traditions. Modern architecture, innovative gastronomy, shopping, museums and much more give Guadalajara a dynamic appeal.


Internationally acclaimed as the origin of the iconic Mexican spirit, Tequila is another of the country’s Pueblos Magicos – historic distilleries, old ranches, and cobblestone streets are ready to be explored. Almost anywhere you turn, your eyes will fall on picturesque fields filled with the blue agave plant. Here you can delve into the incredible process of tequila production using traditional methods that have been deeply rooted and passed down from generation to generation. And no tour is complete without a sample or two!


An archaeological site with a twist, Guachimontones Pyramids are a unique and ancient circular structure dating back to the pre-Columbian era of this state, and showcases the advanced engineering used by the Teuchitlán people. Explore the plaza surrounding a central alter, exhibiting the religious and social importance of these constructions. Climb up the distinctive steps for stunning views!

Lake Chapala

With a gorgeous and undulating mountain range as its backdrop, Lake Chapala overflows with tranquillity and natural beauty. Mexico’s largest freshwater lake is surrounded by charming villages where some of the oldest indigenous communities in Mexico reside, the Coca people, who’s lifelong ambition is to conserve the history of the lake and their way of life. A visit to this peaceful area simply to take in the stunning landscape is well worth it.

Puerto Vallarta

Sat overlooking the Bay of Banderas on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta was once an unknown beach town that has become famous and popular for its beautiful beaches, scenic landscape, and exciting nightlife. Visitors can explore the historic Old Town, art galleries and sweet little boutiques amidst vintage adobe homes and cobbled streets, and the Malecón waterfront boardwalk is home to an extensive selection of restaurants, cafés, and bars. Stay in Punta Mita, roughly an hour from Puerto Vallarta, for luxury resorts. From Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita, you can visit Las Marietas Islands and the hidden Playa del Amor beach with its circular roof on a day trip, or venture to Sayulita to explore this quaint and bohemian coastal village and its incredible food scene.


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Where to Stay in Jalisco

Speak to one of our Mexico Specialists to find the perfect hotel for you.


The Best Time to Visit Jalisco

The best time to visit Jalisco is usually during the dry season, from November to April. During these months, the weather is delightfully warm with temperatures ranging from 18 to 30oC, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore the diverse sights around Guadalajara.

There is a high chance of rainfall between June and September. But this doesn’t put a damper on the capital city’s International Mariachi and Charreria Festival which typically start towards the end of August.

For coastal breaks, the weather patterns are the same however temperatures rarely drop below 24oC.

Travel Guide

Jalisco Travel Essentials

Smoking Ban

Mexico has put a smoking ban in place from January 2023. The ban prohibits smoking in both open and closed public spaces. Most hotels, however, have a designated smoking area. Please speak to your Travel Consultant regarding the smoking policy at your hotel and any questions you might have.

Do I need any vaccinations for Mexico?

Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Polio, and Tetanus-Diphtheria vaccinations are currently recommended. Mexico is regarded to have a risk of contracting the Zika virus. However, please consult your GP at least four to six weeks prior to travel for current advice.

What is the time difference between Jalisco and the UK?

The time difference is GMT -6 hours.

How long is the journey to Jalisco?

The gateway to Jalisco from the UK is via Mexico City to Guadalajara, making it a great combination. The flight time from London to Mexico City is 12 hours, followed by a 1 and a half hour domestic flight to Guadalajara. You can also fly directly from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta for a different city-beach break.

What is the currency in Mexico?

The currency is the Mexican peso.

Do I need a visa for a holiday in Mexico?

Do I need a visa for a holiday in Mexico?

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