12 Best Honeymoon Destinations in May
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Honeymoons in May

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in May

If you’re planning on having a spring wedding, then there’s plenty of places that are perfect at that time of year for a honeymoon. It’s prime ‘shoulder season’, where it’s either at the end of a region’s dry season or on the cusp of a place’s wet season, but this often promises better weather than many people realise and therefore good value for money, too!

May means some of Southeast Asia's island gems are coming into their best seasons, such as the Malaysian portion of Borneo and Indonesian islands like Bali. It’s also the time for festivals in the Caribbean, so if you fancy a party atmosphere on your honeymoon in May, then Saint Lucia and Grenada are your answer. In the Indian Ocean, the Maldives and the Seychelles enter whale shark spotting season, as well as enjoying some fine weather – perfect for the beach!

If you want to combine the city with a safari, it’s one of the best times for visiting South Africa, with Cape Town experiencing mild, clear days and its game reserves enjoying some of their best weather. If you’d like to recharge after your safari, the excellent weather found along Mozambique’s coastline is ideal for a beach escape. May marks a great time to combine two of Zambia’s jewels – a walking safari and the magnificent Victoria Falls.

If you want a romantic sojourn in the South Pacific, then Fiji and The Islands of Tahiti are both great honeymoon destinations in May, while New Zealand’s autumn colours paints the country in a gorgeous glow. Spring is ideal for a honeymoon, no matter which part of the world you’re eyeing up. Let us help you find the best place for a honeymoon in May.

Honeymoon destinations in May

The Best Places to Honeymoon in May

Indian Ocean


With sugar-white sands ringing tiny islands and turquoise lagoons teeming with tropical marine life, the Maldives is idyllic for a honeymoon in May. It’s toes-in-the-sand luxury and the perfect place for honeymooning couples to unwind as this collection of islands just oozes relaxation. Enjoy incredible beaches and glittering waters and whether you’re staying in a beachfront villa or in a bungalow over the water, each morning you’ll feel you woken up in paradise.

Why visit in May?

  • Though it’s the beginning of the ‘wet’ season, there are still days and days of endless sunshine and rain is rare.
  • The fact that May edges into the rainy season means many people are put off, so there’s remarkable value to found travelling at this time.
  • Whale shark season is interesting during May, as the sharks start to move from its eastern islands to the western atolls like the Ari and Baa atolls.
  • Dream honeymoon

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With relaxing island culture, mouth-watering food and drink and some of the most magical sunsets you'll ever witness anywhere on Earth, Greece is the perfect fit for any honeymoon. There's something for all kinds of newlyweds on its islands, whether it's hiking and culture in Crete, fabulous cuisine in Santorini or the cool vibes and beautiful beaches of Mykonos.

Why visit in May?

  • The weather is beautiful across all of Greece's islands in May but the crowds are largely yet to arrive, so you'll get more of their splendour to yourselves.
  • With temperatures yet to reach their summer peak, you'll be able to enjoy hiking or active adventures more comfortably.
  • You'll benefit from lower rates, as many hotels and resorts have shoulder season prices for months like May and October.
  • Perfect for a Minimoon

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New Zealand

If you like thrills, then New Zealand is adventure central for a honeymoon in May. There’s everything from epic glaciers, lush landscapes, beautiful lakes and fascinating Maori culture to take in and every day will throw up a completely different experience. It’s a country that will captivate you from start to finish and if you’re looking for a honeymoon which is packed with excitement, wonder and delight, then New Zealand is your answer.

Why visit in May?

  • While temperatures are a little cooler than during the country’s summer, it makes for perfect conditions for exploring.
  • May is in New Zealand’s autumn, so prepare to be treated to a gorgeous display of oranges, red and russet browns in the countryside.
  • If you’re visiting marvellous Milford Sound, it’s one of the best times for seeing fur seals and dolphins.
  • Amazing adventure honeymoon

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South Pacific


Few places can match the exoticism that Fiji holds for a honeymoon in May. Think beaches as soft as talcum powder, cities of kaleidoscopic coral lying beneath its gin-clear lagoons and its iconic thatched overwater bures. A visit to this South Pacific nation promises all of this and super-friendly locals, who will do their utmost to ensure your honeymoon is as memorable as it can be. Charming people with postcard-perfect views sounds like a match made in honeymoon heaven to us.

Why visit in May?

  • It’s the start of Fiji’s winter but don’t worry, it’s better than the hot, wet summer, with warm temperatures and low humidity and rainfall.
  • During May, manta rays flock to the Yasawa Islands to feed on the plentiful supply of plankton, which is a remarkable wildlife phenomenon.
  • Being so earlier into Fiji’s dry season, the crowds are yet to still arrive.
  • Dream honeymoon destination!

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Wonderfully wildlife-rich, Borneo is the rainforest at its most raw. For a honeymoon in the shape of an authentic jungle adventure, then this wild isle is it. Most famous for being one of the last refuges of the orangutan, it’s their natural setting that will live long in the memory, with the sensory awe of the rainforest abundant. Off the coast of Borneo lie several idyllic tropical islands which serve as incredible places to chill after your honeymoon jungle thrills!

Why visit in May?

  • Borneo is into its dry season, so you’re avoiding the heavy rains of the monsoon season.
  • As well as the great weather conditions, May falls just before Borneo’s peak season in July and August, so you can enjoy its wonders with fewer crowds.
  • The dry weather means orangutans start to appear in the jungle canopies, making them easier to spot in the wild.
  • A unique honeymoon destination

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Saint Lucia

If you’re keen to divide your time on honeymoon between the beach and exploring your surrounds, then Saint Lucia offers both in spades. The Pitons stand tall as the island’s famous landmarks and their lush slopes afford many opportunities for hiking, cycling and other thrill-seeking activities, while its waters are ideal for those who enjoy snorkelling and kayaking. Spectacular strips of golden sand are never far away when you want to slow things down, too!

Why visit in May?

  • It’s festival season! The island’s two-week Jazz & Arts Festival straddles the end of April/beginning of May, so you can celebrate with the locals.
  • It’s technically out of Saint Lucia’s dry season, but there’ll still be plenty of cloudless and rain-free days to enjoy.
  • It’s Saint Lucia’s ‘rainy’ season (though not very wet at all!) so most people stay away, leaving you to enjoy more of the island to yourself.
  • Dream honeymoon destination!

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A rising star on the African beach scene, Mozambique’s cream-coloured sands are a dreamy coastline that many haven’t yet discovered. This makes for the perfect secluded paradise on a honeymoon in May, where barefoot luxury is the order of the day and a handful of people equals a busy period. With it being an ideal time for a safari in neighbouring South Africa, May marks a great time to combine the two for a honeymoon to remember.

Why visit in May?

  • May is the official start of Mozambique’s dry season, so the beaches found on the archipelagos of Quirimbas and Bazaruto are looking their best.
  • Being so early in the dry season, you’re likely to be joined by fewer people than at its peak.
  • Safari and beach honeymoon - it’s also a great time for a safari in South Africa, so you can have a thrilling twin-centre honeymoon.
  • Unusual honeymoon destination!

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Indian Ocean


With wild interiors and circled by sparkling beaches, each of the Seychelles’ 100-plus islands are like little nuggets of paradise. The powder-soft sands are just too inviting not to sink into and relax, but the lush forests (hiking and cycling) and crayon-coloured reefs (snorkelling, diving and other water sports) give you plenty of options on your honeymoon to stretch your legs and your imaginations beyond your wildest dreams.

Why visit in May?

  • May marks the start of the Seychelles’ dry season, which promises warm and dry days.
  • May is one of the best months for snorkelling, as the waters are at their clearest, so you can glide among the crayon-coloured coral with crystal-clear views.
  • The trade winds change direction across April and May, and this calmer period makes for better wildlife-spotting opportunities.
  • Perfect multi destination honeymoon

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South Africa

South Africa offers that perfect balance of captivating cities, spectacular landscapes and that unmatched thrill of a safari. May is an ideal time for all three on a honeymoon, with Cape Town’s winter temperatures mild but dry, the Garden Route and Winelands looking magnificent under the blue skies and the animals are their most active in the game reserves found across South Africa. It offers everything you could want on a May honeymoon in one single-country package!

Why visit in May?

  • It’s autumn in Cape Town, so days are still pleasantly warm and dry before its winter kicks in.
  • It’s also coming into prime safari season, where days are also dry and sunny so wildlife will be more active and easier to spot.
  • With so much of the country enjoying their best seasons during May, this makes it a great time to combine several different areas for a multi-centre honeymoon.
  • Make it a safari and beach honeymoon

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Grenada is a treat for all the senses, with its volcanic landscape and vibrant pockets of flowers such as bougainvillea and oleander a feast for the eyes. But it doesn’t have its ‘Spice Island’ nickname for no reason, with wafts of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves all filling the air for a rich aroma that’s bound to inspire romance. You deserve some time to lie back on the sand and do nothing and Grenada has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, its jewel in the crown being Grand Anse.

Why visit in May?

  • May is during Grenada’s dry season, so sunshine is aplenty and the skies are delightfully blue and cloud-free.
  • The sun-drenched landscapes are looking their best, with the colourful flowers of bougainvillea and oleander in full bloom.
  • May is right in the middle of nesting season for four species of turtle (hawksbill, leatherback, loggerhead and green) on Grenada’s northern shores.
  • Unique honeymoon destination

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With around 13,000 islands, there’s no wonder Indonesia is one of the best honeymoon destinations in May. You have the spiritual essence, temples and breathtaking landscapes of Bali, the dragons and diving sites of Komodo, the unspoilt wonder of Lombok and the bell-shaped stupas of Borobudur on Java. We’d encourage you to hop around a few of its islands on your honeymoon, so you can gather a rich range of experiences, each of which will ensure you start your married life together with many amazing memories.

Why visit in May?

  • Lots of people ask, if Bali is a good option for a honeymoon in May? Yes it is, it’s the beginning of Indonesia’s dry season, so islands such as Bali, Lombok and Sumba welcome dry and warm days.
  • As it’s the start of the dry season, many of the crowds are yet to come, so Indonesia’s incredible landscapes aren’t as busy.
  • With so many islands experiencing their best weather, it’s a great opportunity to combine several on an island-hopping honeymoon adventure.
  • Perfect multi destination honeymoon

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Alfajiri Garden in the evening sun at Alfajiri Villas
Is Maldives or Bali better for a honeymoon?
Bali and Maldives couldn’t be more different as a honeymoon destination. Maldives is all about the crystal clear water and pristine white sand beaches. You’ll spend your time on one island, enjoying all the luxuries of a five star resort, there really is nowhere else like it but it does come at a price. In Bali, on the other hand, your money will go much further, with a wonderful selection of charming boutique pool villas properties located in stunning loctions, with captivating views of jungle clad mountains and lush rice paddies spread over steep valleys.

A honeymoon in Bali is perfect for those looking for more than just a beach, of course it does have vibrant beach resorts with a buzzy mix of beach clubs and sophisticated restaurants, however its inland you’ll be able to explore the culture, trek through breath-taking landscapes or shower in jungle waterfalls. Both are incredible and we couldn’t possibly choose between them – its all down to the type of experience you are looking for. If its beaches – then hands down, Maldives! For culture and scenery – Bali!


Home of the walking safari, Zambia possibly offers the most authentic way in which to witness Africa’s incredible wildlife. Almost a third of the country is protected within national parks and if you’re a pair of wildlife lovers, there are few places better than Zambia for an animal-rich honeymoon. Throw in the epic thunder of Victoria Falls and you have a world wonder which you could just sit and admire for hours.

Why visit in May?

  • It’s the start of Zambia’s dry season, so there’s less rainfall and temperatures are hot without being scorching.
  • The drier landscapes makes walking safaris easier and wildlife sightings more common due to the thinning vegetation and animals making a beeline for watering holes.
  • May is also one of the best times to witness the might of Victoria Falls, as it’s still full with water but not obscured by mist.
  • Unusual honeymoon destination.

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South Pacific

The Islands of Tahiti

With cashmere-soft sands, dazzling turquoise lagoons and towering emerald peaks, The Islands of Tahiti are a blissful recipe for a honeymoon. Bora Bora is a name that’s on every honeymooner's lips but while it certainly lives up to its postcard-perfect reputation, Tahiti’s other islands, such as the untamed Marquesas Islands or the barefoot luxury of the Tuamotus, are all worthy of your attention, too.

Why visit in May?

  • May marks the start of the dry season in Tahiti, so you’ll be enjoying dry and hot temperatures. Ideal honeymoon weather!
  • It’s just before the south-easterly mara’amu winds blow across the islands, so the water will be calm – perfect for snorkelling.
  • It’s just at the start of Tahiti’s dry season, so the islands won’t be as busy as during their peak.
  • The ultimate dream honeymoon destination.

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