12 Best Honeymoon Destinations in October
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Honeymoons in October
October Honeymoons

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in October

In the UK, October is a time when the clocks go back and the nights start drawing in. But the warm autumn colours make for incredible wedding pictures and a honeymoon in October is equally great, with many places enjoying their best weather but with the main bulk of visitors long gone.

Many places are coming to the end of their dry season, offering plenty of sunshine still. The South Pacific is one such region, where you can witness Fiji and The Islands of Tahiti looking their best long after most people have gone. Mauritius and the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are another couple of October honeymoon destinations that are best visited before their respective ‘wet’ seasons arrive.

If you fancy a slice of Southeast Asia, then Thailand’s islands and the Philippines are both wonderful honeymoon destinations in October, while it’s spring in Australia, so it won’t be scorching if you want to visit the cities and vineyards along the south coast. It’s also springtime in New Zealand, so you’re guaranteed to see this little gem of a country at its blooming best.

October also marks one of the final months where you can see the Great Migration and have great weather before the rainy season arrives in eastern Africa and the temperatures get hotter in South Africa and neighbouring Mozambique.

Where is best for a honeymoon in October?

What are the best honeymoon destinations in October 2023?



Thailand isn’t known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ for no reason. Welcoming with an injection of fun and care-free joie de vivre wherever you are in the country, it won’t take long for Thailand’s infectious happiness to seep into your bones. From the colourful markets of Bangkok to incredible elephant experiences in Khao Sok National Park, have a honeymoon in Thailand and you won’t be able to stop smiling throughout.

Why visit in October?

  • Towards the end of October, the islands on the Andaman Coast (Krabi and Koh Lanta, among others) and Phuket experience a lovely dry heat after the end of the monsoon.
  • If you’re visiting Khao Sok National Park for the elephants, the land will be beautifully lush and wildlife will be easier to spot – even if you get the odd shower.
  • It’s right at the beginning of the dry season, so while you might still get a little bit of rain, the country will be quieter in terms of visitor footfall.
  • This is an ideal multi-destination honeymoon.

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Kenya is like the Lion King of the real world, that rocky escarpment overlooking an endless savannah studded with acacia trees and soundtracked by the calls of wildlife. It’s an epic sight that doesn’t just exist in movie-form – it’s a typical, mind-blowing view in Kenya that you can enjoy on your honeymoon in October. See the Big Five, soak up the incredible landscapes and be wowed by the land of Simba and co. with your loved one.

Why visit in October?

  • October is at the tail end of one of Kenya’s dry seasons, so get blue skies and warm weather.
  • The dry and sunny weather will make it easier to spot wildlife, as they won’t be hidden away from the rain.
  • It’s the last month in which you can witness the Great Migration, avoiding the summer rush, too.
  • An iconic safari honeymoon.

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South Pacific

The Islands of Tahiti

There’s just something special about the South Seas. It whispers a sense of romance that it is quite unlike anywhere else, its dreamy overwater bungalows hanging over azure blue lagoons a scene fit for any October honeymoon. Before you go you’ll be convinced the kaleidoscopic pictures you’ve seen on social media have a filter but once you sink into its white sands and scan the lovely landscapes around you, you’ll realise this paradise really does exist.

Why visit in October?

  • You’ll be blessed sun-drenched days and beautiful blue skies.
  • It’s the end of the dry season in Tahiti, so you’ll be able to enjoy great weather with fewer people.
  • Catch the final few migrating humpback whales, who visit Tahiti for the warmer waters before heading back to Antarctica.
  • Your dream honeymoon!

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From the city of Sydney to Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is a country brimming with travel icons. Visit this grand country on your honeymoon in October and its southern half will be bathed in spring sunshine, meaning you can tick off a fair enough of its star sights. There’s the cosmopolitan city of Perth, wildlife-rich Kangaroo Island, the rugged Flinders Ranges and stellar cities of Melbourne and Sydney – a honeymoon filled with wonderful memories!

Why visit in October?

  • It’s the beginning of spring, so it’s not too hot. This makes it easier to spot wildlife in places like Kangaroo Island, as they’ll be more like to be out and about.
  • The pleasant temperatures make it perfect to go walking in the wild and visiting the many wine regions dotted across the south.
  • Wildflowers beautifully bloom during the Australian springtime, especially in the countryside around Perth.
  • Looking for an adventure honeymoon? This is the destination for you.

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Indian Ocean


Scattered across the Indian Ocean, the 115 islands of the Seychelles are like tiny green parcels of paradise. Its sandy beaches look like gorgeous golden ribbons neatly wrapping each island together, while exotic hills and palm trees are hidden within their emerald cores. For a honeymoon in October, it’s like heaven and newlyweds searching for a slice of tropical seaside luxury will surely find it on one (or several) of its beautiful islands.

Why visit in October?

  • It’s the last month of the dry season, so soak up some sunshine when it’s a little quieter.
  • Witness whale sharks around the coast of Mahé and some of the outer islands.
  • October is the one of the best months for snorkelling and diving in the Seychelles, with visibility at its greatest.

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Secret white sands. Cerulean snorkel-worthy waters. Otherworldly limestone karsts. Friendly locals with giant grins. Everywhere you turn, it’s guaranteed there will be an incredible landscape staring right back at you. The Philippines is a truly stunning mix of islands and with 7,000 of them to choose from, there’s plenty of crayon-coloured reefs and pristine beaches on which to enjoy on your honeymoon in October.

Why visit in October?

  • Even though it’s the start of the wet season, rain is often only in the form of short downpours, with the central and western islands of Bohol, Cebu and Palawan enjoying the best weather.
  • The wet season means it’s low season, so you’ll be able to get better value deals during this time.
  • Though the rain showers are few and short-lived, visit the Philippines in October and you’ll see its scenery returning to a beautifully lush and green spectacle.
  • A beautifully unusual honeymoon.

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Witnessing wildlife on foot is one of the rawest experiences anyone can have. Just you and some amazing animals in a prime slice of African wilderness. Zambia is where these epic encounters began and if you’re a wildlife lover who wants an October honeymoon you'll never forget, then here is where you’ll find it. Make sure you don’t miss out on the drama of Victoria Falls, it’s huge curtain of water demonstrating nature at its most powerful and wonderful.

Why visit in October?

  • It’s the end of the dry season, so your days will consist of blue skies and dry weather.
  • The drier bush means walking safaris will be easier to do and wildlife will be far more likely to spot.
  • Even though the water can dry up on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, this gives you the opportunity to hop over to the Zimbabwean side to see it in full flow.

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South Pacific


The silky sands and turquoise lagoons of the Fijian archipelago look like a scene straight from Hollywood. That’s with good reason, with the likes of Tom Hanks (Cast Away) and Brooke Shields (Blue Lagoon) filming among these dreamy desert island escapes. But Fiji’s superb scenery hasn’t been airbrushed during post-production of a movie blockbuster; they’re real and more than fitting for any honeymoon of Hollywood proportions.

Why visit in October?

  • You’ll get the ideal weather – warm temperatures, clear skies and little rain.
  • There’s great visibility in Fiji’s lagoons, so if you’re planning on going snorkelling, now is one of the best times to go.
  • Stay in the Yasawa Islands and you’ll get to see manta rays swimming in the waters hunting for plankton.

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New Zealand

Only a little larger than the UK, New Zealand somehow manages to squeeze in enormous glaciers, sweeping emerald hills, towering mountains and some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. This wealth of natural wonders makes the country an incredible place to explore on your honeymoon in October, whether it’s enjoying your adventurous side doing adrenaline-fuelled activities in the South Island, or being fascinated by Maori culture in the North Island.

Why visit in October?

  • It’s spring in New Zealand, where temperatures are comfortable to both enjoy on a beach or go exploring and enjoy plenty of adventurous activities like walking and cycling.
  • Flowers and foliage in New Zealand bloom right across the country, with plenty of dazzling displays to be found.
  • If you have Milford and Doubtful Sounds on your list to visit, this is the time to see them, as the waterfalls will be at their most beautiful.
  • Another destination perfect for adventure honeymoons.

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South Africa

With the Big Five, the spectacular city of Cape Town, the wonderful Winelands and the grand Garden Route, South Africa is chock-full of incredible sights. Combine a few in one go and you have the honeymoon of a lifetime neatly wrapped in a single country – a cool city break, an unbelievable safari experience and romantically wind down among some gorgeous sun-soaked vineyards, where you can toast your newly married life together.

Why go in October?

  • It’s the perfect time for a safari, with sunny and dry days leading to far better chances of spotting wildlife.
  • It’s summer in Cape Town, so you can explore the city basked in warm sunshine.
  • October is the perfect time for seeing southern right whales in Hermanus, where it’s possible to even see them from the shore!
  • The perfect safari honeymoon.

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Indian Ocean


Luxurious accommodation? Check. Long stretches of white beach? Check. Emerald-cloaked interior? Check. Sapphire waters? Check. Mauritius is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean that is more than just somewhere where you can relax among picture-perfect landscapes. There’s a wealth of cultural sites to see, plenty of thrilling adventure to find and amazing food to try. If you want a beefier tropical island experience for your October honeymoon, then Mauritius is the perfect place!

Why go in October?

  • It’s the end of winter of Mauritius, so temperatures will be warm and days will be dry before the heat and humidity rises from November.
  • Visit the west coast and you’ll be able to see humpback whales at this time of year.
  • It’ll be quieter in October compared to peak UK summer, offering great weather and better value.

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Psssst! Fancy a beach retreat for your October honeymoon, which others won’t have heard about but will become incredibly jealous once you tell them? The silky white sands of Mozambique rarely register with a lot of people when it comes to planning a relaxing honeymoon but its beautiful beaches and sense of tropical escapism can rival anywhere in the world. There’s also something exciting discovering somewhere few others have been, especially if it’s with your loved one!

Why visit in October?

  • Sunshine is aplenty during October, which lies in Mozambique’s dry season, so rainfall is minimal, too.
  • October is the last month in which you can spy migrating humpback whales from Antarctica off the Mozambican coast.
  • It’s also a great time for a South African safari, so combine it with Mozambique for an amazing twin-centre honeymoon.
  • Another wonderfully usual honeymoon.

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