12 Best Honeymoon Destinations in September
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Honeymoons in September
Where is best to visit in September?

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in September

In many ways, September is a perfect time for a honeymoon. It’s just after the school holidays and many places are still enjoying great periods of weather, while it’s still warm and sunny enough for a wedding in the UK.

Make a beeline for eastern Africa to catch the tail end of the Great Migration in either Kenya or Tanzania, while Zanzibar makes for a great add-on to unwind after a thrilling safari experience. South Africa is also another excellent honeymoon destination in September for spotting wildlife, while a sun-drenched Mozambique complements South Africa perfectly for a safari-beach combo.

In Australia, the northern coastlines on both sides of the country show off their incredible reefs (Ningaloo and the Great Barrier) at the peak of their beauty, while springtime in New Zealand is the country at its blooming best. Head north to Southeast Asia and Indonesia’s islands are a fascinating collection of completely different landscapes and vibes for a honeymoon in September.

The Indian Ocean offers great value and remarkable whale sightings in Mauritius and the Seychelles, while in the South Pacific, archipelagos such as The Islands of Tahiti and the Cook Islands are enjoying their best weather spells. Finally, for another unique wildlife spectacle, September marks a great time for visiting Canada to see hungry grizzlies taking advantage of the salmon run.

Where To Go

Where should I go on my honeymoon in September 2023?

Indian Ocean


The world’s only granite-formed oceanic islands, the Seychelles is a unique collection of isles. Timeless, bursting with charm and remain as nature intended, each Seychellois island is an island that is very different to the next, but equally as captivating as one another. With its romance, wild drama and laid-back vibe, the Seychelles is a perfect September honeymoon choice for newlyweds looking to go off-grid and get away from it all.

Why visit in September?

  • It’s the dry season in the Seychelles, so days are pleasantly warm and dry.
  • It’s one of the best times for spotting wildlife. Spot whale sharks off the coastline of Mahé and it’s the nesting season for a lot of its seabirds.
  • With the days not too hot and not too cold, you can comfortable spend days both exploring and chilling on the beach.
  • This is a dream honeymoon.

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South Pacific

Cook Islands

A dreamy assortment of jade-coloured islands floating in an azure sea, the Cook Islands is a heavenly honeymoon destination in September. There’s impossibly blue lagoons, pristine stretches of white sand and towering emerald peaks that make for an eye-popping dose of natural majesty. While Fiji and The Islands of Tahiti are more well-known for a romantic South Pacific escape, the Cook Islands is definitely the unsung honeymoon jewel.

Why visit in September?

  • It’s the Cook Islands’ dry season, so beautiful weather is on the cards.
  • You can spot humpback whales from the shores of Rarotonga as they arrive from Antarctica to mate.
  • You’ll be enjoying pleasant weather, so it won’t be too hot to explore and it won’t be too cold to soak up the sun on the sand.
  • Another dream honeymoon!

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South Africa

South Africa is like an exciting box of tricks. Put your hand in and you’ll pull out something amazing every time. There’s the stupendously beautiful city of Cape Town, the equally gorgeous scenery of the Garden Route and the incredible safari experiences you can have right across the country in its many game reserves. There are few places for a honeymoon in September where you can combine so many different and thrilling elements.

Why visit in September?

  • It’s prime season for spotting southern right whales in Hermanus, just a day trip away from Cape Town.
  • It’s the best time for a safari in South Africa, with the days dry and sunny. This makes for great wildlife-watching opportunities!
  • It’s also a great time for twinning the country with relaxing stays in either Mauritius or Mozambique.
  • The perfect safari honeymoon.

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A hop around Indonesia’s islands is to embrace a magical medley of culture, landscapes, wildlife and escapism. Bali is ready-made for a honeymoon in September with its fine beaches, super-friendly locals and lush, temple-studded landscapes. Explore further and you’ll have a honeymoon packed with unforgettable experiences: there’s the sugar-white sands of the Gili Islands, legendary dragons of Komodo and off-the-map remoteness of Lombok.

Holiday type: Multi Destination Honeymoon

Why visit in September?

  • Across the majority of its islands, Indonesia experiences dry, sunny and warm weather.
  • It’s a great time for going snorkelling and diving among the reefs off the coast of Komodo island.
  • The dry weather means you’re far more likely to spot orangutans among the jungles of Kalimantan.
  • The ideal multi-destination honeymoon.

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USA and Canada


Canada is a country where big landscapes rule supreme. Mountains pierce the sky, turquoise-blue lakes scarcely look real and coastlines laced with natural drama. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan culture which marries a rich patchwork of cultures while being on the frontier of wildlife-laden landscapes. If you love the great outdoors, a September honeymoon in Western Canada is one where you can let your imaginations go wild.

Why visit in September?

  • September in Canada is a month often blessed with great weather and it’s quieter than the peak summer months.
  • It’s a great time for seeing the myriad marine life off Vancouver’s coastline, including orca and humpback, grey and minke whales.
  • It’s one of the best times to witness the salmon run, where salmon head upstream to spawn. You can spot grizzlies at the banks waiting to catch their lunch!
  • A beautifully unusual honeymoon.

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The epic sight of the Great Migration, where over a million wildebeest hurtle across the African savannah, is a wildlife experience on many a bucket list. When better to witness such an unforgettable moment than on your honeymoon? Throw in the lion-rich Ngorongoro Crater and the unsung wonder of Selous Game Reserve and you have a bounty of wildlife-watching opportunities to enjoy on your September honeymoon in Tanzania.

Why visit in September?

  • It’s the dry season in Tanzania, so wildlife spotting will be easier during the sunny, cloud-free days.
  • You’ll be able to witness the tail-end of the Great Migration, one of the world’s finest wildlife spectacles.
  • There’s also great weather to be found in Zanzibar, so you can twin both for a brilliant safari-beach combo.
  • Another perfect safari honeymoon.

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New Zealand

If you wanted a honeymoon in September where every day you were greeted with an eye-bulging vista, New Zealand would be first pick each time. There’s towering mountains, rolling countryside, beautiful beaches and enormous glaciers, all squeezed into somewhere that’s not much bigger than the UK. Culture, active adventures and friendly locals all lie within, making New Zealand a land you could fall head over heels for on your honeymoon.

Why visit in September?

  • September marks the start of spring in New Zealand, with temperatures starting to rise following winter. This often makes it the perfect temperature to enjoy an active adventure, like white water rafting, walking or cycling.
  • If you’re heading to Milford and Doubtful Sounds, the waterfalls will be at their most majestic in spring.
  • Like in the UK, spring in New Zealand is when its flowers and foliage begin to bloom, leading to impressive displays right across the country.
  • The perfect destination for a adventure honeymoon!

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Indian Ocean


For a honeymoon in September that really screams paradise, Mauritius combines everything couples look for in a honeymoon: sandy seclusion, beautiful emerald landscapes, glittering sea hiding crayon-coloured reefs and a sense of adventure when you want to explore beyond the beach. This gem of an island really has it all, as well as plenty of luxury accommodation options, so you can rest your head in ultimate comfort. There are plenty of all inclusive options for your Mauritius honeymoon package, ask one of our specialists to find out more.

Why visit in September?

  • It’s coming to the end of winter in Mauritius, which means dry and warmer weather compared to the middle of winter, with summer on the horizon.
  • It’s just after the school holidays, so there will be fewer visitors in Mauritius.
  • Head to the west coast and you can spot humpback whales at this time of year, along with year-round sperm whales.

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With silky white sands, if you stood on a Mozambican beach you’d be forgiven for thinking you were actually in the Maldives. Mozambique is yet to be properly discovered by visitors and offers a barefoot beach escape that really feels off the beaten track. For a blissful honeymoon destination in September, added to an exciting safari in one of South Africa’s many game reserves, it’s an incredible romantic adventure in waiting.

Why visit in September?

  • It’s the dry season in Mozambique, so sunny and cloud-free days will await you.
  • Until October, humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warmer waters found along Africa’s eastern coast.
  • It’s a great time for a South African safari, so you can have an incredible twin-centre honeymoon.

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Australia’s coastlines are among the best in the world, with the Great Barrier Reef on the eastern coast an international icon, home to vast cities of kaleidoscopic reefs and an abundance of marine life. On the west coast, Ningaloo Reef is an unsung gem, where you can swim with whale sharks and explore pristine underwater worlds. With places like the buzzing city of Perth and the lush wilds of Daintree Rainforest also worthy of your attention, you can really see another side of Australia on your honeymoon in September.

Why visit in September?

  • Rain is minimal and temperatures are comfortably warm, which makes days outside exploring pleasant.
  • You can swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef, as well as spotting humpback whales.
  • The currents around the Great Barrier Reef aren’t as strong at this time of year, so it’s great for snorkelling and diving.
  • Your perfect adventure honeymoon.

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Zanzibar has largely become a byword for exotic island escapes in recent years. Its trading past has left behind a fascinating fusion of culture, but the main draw for honeymooners is its wealth of pastel-coloured reefs, glittering waters and barefoot-worthy beaches. An array of rustic boltholes that Robinson Crusoe would feel at home in, help intensify that castaway feel on an archipelago where you can really disconnect from the outside world.

Why visit in September?

  • September sits snugly in Zanzibar’s dry season, so enjoy plenty of warm and rain-free days.
  • Calm waters means it’s perfect if you’re looking to go snorkelling or diving in its beautiful coral reefs.
  • It’s also a great time for a safari in Tanzania or Kenya, so pair either with Zanzibar for a brilliant safari-beach honeymoon.
  • Looking for an usual honeymoon? This is for you.

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South Pacific

The Islands of Tahiti

With sands as soft as cashmere, skies the colour of forget-me-nots and coral reefs so vivid it’s like peering through a kaleidoscope, it’s hard to imagine there’s no Instagram-esque filter permanently over The Islands of Tahiti. But the #nofilterneeded social media snaps you see are 100% real and as a blissful honeymoon destination in September, Tahiti really does live up to expectations. In fact, we’d be as bold to say it surpasses them.

Why visit in September?

  • It’s the dry season in Tahiti, so embrace plenty of warm weather and blue skies.
  • Until October, you can spot migrating humpback whales, which arrive from Antarctica to the warmer waters.
  • September still offers great weather at a time when many of the crowds have long since gone.

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