12 Best Honeymoon Destinations in November
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Honeymoons in November

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in November

Whether it’s straight after an early winter wedding or you’ve delayed your honeymoon until later in the year, November is a great time for newly-weds to escape, whether you’re after a break in the Caribbean or an adventure in Southeast Asia.

For many, the Maldives represents the ultimate in honeymoon romance and November sees it emerging out of the wet season, while Indian Ocean neighbour Réunion is an adventurers’ paradise. November is also one of the few times of year where all parts of the country are likely to be dry!

The Caribbean is over the worst of its hurricane season and Jamaica and the Turks & Caicos are gorgeous under a blue sky, while the Philippines and Thailand’s islands are perfect for a honeymoon escape.

Why not pick New Zealand for a November honeymoon? It’s springtime then, so it’s blooming beautiful! Elsewhere the Cook Islands are an unsung option in the South Pacific, while South Africa and Mozambique are ideal for safari or beach (or both). For a honeymoon in November that's really off the radar, Oman is a rising star which combines wild desert adventure and relaxation.

Where To Go

The Best Places to Honeymoon in November



Jamaica is an island that moves to its own beat. Yes, there’s the classic Caribbean scene of palm-flecked, cream-coloured sands lapped by translucent waters hiding rich swathes of coral, which tick the honeymoon box. Beyond that, banana groves and coffee plantations pock its interior, its towns are effortlessly charming and rolling lush hills are prime hiking territory during your honeymoon in November. Each is infused with an infectious rhythm that you really can’t find anywhere else.

Why visit in November?

  • It’s just after the Caribbean hurricane season, so Jamaica will return to embracing glorious sunshine once again.
  • Falling straight after hurricane season, the crowds will be yet to arrive – hurrah!
  • Trade winds – which locals nickname ‘Doctor Breeze’ – helping keep the evenings cool and pleasant.

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South Africa

From the cool coastal vibe of Cape Town to the many game reserves harbouring a wealth of wildlife waiting to be found, South Africa is an excellent honeymoon destination in November, where you can mix different experiences and landscapes. You could also spend a couple of weeks combining the beauty of the Garden Route, the wonderful Winelands, cosmopolitan Cape Town and ticking off the Big Five on safari. It’s a great multi-centre in one country!

Why visit in November?

  • It’s summer in the Western Cape, so places like Cape Town, the Winelands and the Garden Route will be warm and dry.
  • Though it’s the tail end of the safari season, it’s still a great time for wildlife-spotting.
  • If you’re taking in Johannesburg as well, the city’s jacaranda trees will be in bloom in November.

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Middle East


For a classic slice of Arabia, Oman offers a healthy wedge of desert honeymoon escapism. Bed down in a Bedouin camp right underneath a blanket of stars, explore endless rugged mountain ranges and cool off by swimming in a wadi and discovering secret coves you can keep to yourself. It’s a dose of Middle Eastern magic you probably thought had long since disappeared but once you see your first rust-red sunset sinking below the sand dunes with your loved one, you’ll know it’s alive and well.

Why visit in November?

  • It’s Oman’s winter, which offers the most comfortable temperatures of the year.
  • It’s just after the October harvest, so visit a market in Muscat and you’ll fresh produce in abundance, like olives, walnuts and pomegranates.
  • November lies just after the Omani summer, so those visitors who have decided to dodge the scorching summer will be yet to return.

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Indian Ocean


Though the Indian Ocean is awash with islands made for relaxing on, if you fancy something a little bit different for your honeymoon in November then Réunion is brimming with natural drama. There’s scenery that will make your soul sing, lush forests webbed with walking routes and villages and towns dripping with delightful Creole culture. But after all that thrilling excitement, Réunion isn’t found wanting when it comes to pristine beaches and pastel-coloured reefs, so you can still wind down on your honeymoon.

Why visit in November?

  • It’s the beginning on Réunion’s summer, so while temperatures will be beginning to rise, they will be hovering around the high 20s (degrees Celsius) so it will still be comfortable.
  • These pleasant temperatures means it’s great for combining adventurous activities and chilling on a beach.
  • November is after Réunion’s winter, so it’ll be a little be quieter than during the height of its peak season.

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Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka

A tiny teardrop of island perfection, Sri Lanka is a November honeymoon overflowing with unforgettable experiences neatly contained in a pint-sized package. Be in awe at the ancient crumbling cities and ruins of the Cultural Triangle, chug along on one of the world’s great train routes from Kandy to Ella and spot leopards in Yala National Park. If you’ve craving some time to chill, Sri Lanka boasts beautiful beach spots on its east and south coasts.

Why visit in November?

  • Both the Cultural Triangle and the southern reaches of Sri Lanka experience dry periods, so you can combine two great regions of the country.
  • Though the Tea Country experiences rain at this time of year, it’s when it’s also at its most lush and green.
  • It’s the start of the blue whale and dolphin-spotting season along the south coast at Mirissa.

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Turks & Caicos

With around 350 days of sunshine, over 230 miles of the silkiest sand and only eight of its 40 islands and cays inhabited, Turks & Caicos certainly makes for impressive reading when it comes to being one of the best honeymoon destinations in November. Grace Bay is often voted one of the best beaches in the world, while the Turks & Caicos Barrier is the third-largest in the world, offering a vast underwater wonderland bristling with bright coral and magical marine life.

Why visit in November?

  • It’s just after the Caribbean’s rainy season, so you’ll be enjoying plenty of uninterrupted sunshine!
  • The majority of visitors will be yet to arrive, so its many miles of sand will be a little quieter than during the peak season.
  • The waters will be warm, like you’re taking a bath! Perfect if you’re going snorkelling or diving.

More about honeymooning in Turks & Caicos.



With gilded temples, excellent diving, eye-popping beaches and virescent jungle, Thailand offers intoxicating landscapes you’ll never grow weary of. Its tropical islands and velvety beaches are postcard-worthy places fit for a honeymoon in November, floating off mainland Thailand’s southern coastline. Expect exotic vibes, world-class diving and could-baiting limestone cliffs, all of which combine to a make a honeymoon where your jaw will be constantly agape.

Why visit in November?

  • The islands in the Andaman Sea (Krabi and Koh Lanta, to name but two) and Phuket experience warm and dry temperatures – ideal for an island escape!
  • The land in Khao Sok National Park will be lush and green following the monsoon season, while it’s also a great time for spotting wildlife like the elephants here.
  • It’s the beginning of the dry season, so Thailand will probably be a little quieter than peak season.

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Indian Ocean


We probably don’t even need to try hard to sell the Maldives as a November honeymoon haven to you – its impeccable service, superb sands, blissfully blue waters and middle-of-nowhere vibe mean the Maldives speaks for itself. The only worry is whether it lives to the hype but here you need not, as you’ll be rubbing your eyes to see if you’re actually dreaming. Head here on a honeymoon in November and prepare to fall in love with its beauty.

Why visit in November?

  • It’s the dry season in the Maldives, with little rainfall, low humidity and warm temperatures. Perfect!
  • The waters are calm and clear, which makes it great for snorkelling and diving.
  • You can snorkel and dive with manta rays and whale sharks, who can be found feasting on plankton in the Ari Atoll.

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South Pacific

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is the perfect combination of lush, volcanic islands and whiter-than-white sands lapped by translucent, turquoise lagoons. Rarotonga impressively offers the former, Aitutaki is full of secret sandy cays waiting to be discovered. It’s a tropical honeymoon destination in November like no other and you can get the best honeymoon souvenir, too – a footprint-shaped stamp on One Foot Island!

Why visit in November?

  • It’s the end of the dry season, so you’ll get lovely warm temperatures throughout the day with very little rain.
  • It’s after the peak season, so the Cook Islands will be a little quieter than the height of the dry season.
  • The weather will be cool to enjoy adventure in Rarotonga’s lush interior and lie on the beaches of Aitutaki.

More about honeymooning in the Cook Islands.



Mozambique just oozes untrodden barefoot luxury, a gorgeous slice of East African exoticism. Swaying palms are sprinkled along mile upon mile of perfect sands and it’s rare to see many other souls enjoying them. A honeymoon in November here will be a secluded one, while for those with a desire to explore further, you can set sail on a sunset dhow sailing trip. Get that sundowner ready!

Why visit in November?

  • November is in Mozambique’s dry season, so expect sunny days and clear skies.
  • There’ll be fewer people than during the height of Mozambique’s dry season.
  • It’s a great time for a safari in neighbouring South Africa, so you can twin both of them for a honeymoon you won’t forget!

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From the rainbow-coloured coral reefs to the otherworldly Chocolate Hills, the Philippines is a pretty patchwork of scenery that will have you scratching your head in disbelief on your honeymoon. Boracay is paradise-island perfect, Bohol seamlessly combines wild jungle and magnificent marine worlds and El Nido has limestone karsts just as stunning as Vietnam’s Halong Bay. You’ll be enchanted from the moment you step off the plane.

Why visit in November?

  • November is during the Philippines’ dry season, with pleasant temperatures and little rainfall.
  • It’s early in the dry season, so you’ll see the islands’ scenery at its most lush.
  • With it being at the start of the dry season, you’ll find fewer people and better-value deals.

More about honeymooning in the Philippines.


New Zealand

Where else can you find gigantic glaciers, vast valleys and rolling hills (think Lord of the Rings), lovely lakes and secluded beaches all in one place? New Zealand of course! Hop in a hire car and hit the road for the honeymoon road trip of a lifetime, watching these landscapes morph from one to another as you explore. Add another dimension to your honeymoon in November by channelling your sense of adventure by going sky-diving, cycling or walking as you make your way around this spectacular country.

Why visit in November?

  • It’s spring in New Zealand, which welcomes comfortably warm temperatures. That means it’s perfect for both chilling on the beach and exploring the country’s wilds.
  • If you’re planning to visit Milford and Doubtful Sounds, then you’re in luck, as this is the time of year when they’re at their most stunning.
  • Flowers and foliage burst into life across New Zealand, so you’ll spot dazzling displays as you explore the country.

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