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Honeymoons in January

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in January

January is a time when the British winter bites hardest, when the bitter chill has us dreaming of tropical climes. That's why it's the perfect time to escape to somewhere warmer and what better way to start both the year and your new life together than a honeymoon in January? We've handpicked a selection of destinations which are best visited in January, so you can have a dreamy holiday away from the chilly United Kingdom.

We recommend the southern Australian regions such as New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia, or New Zealand for some of the best honeymoon destinations in January, as they are all in the middle of their summer this time of year. If it’s solely paradise beaches you’re after, on your honeymoon, then consider the Caribbean (the British Virgin Islands is also perfect for sailing at this time), the Maldives or Zanzibar.

For a slice of culture, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cape Town in South Africa are ideal, while Kenya offers a perfect safari window between its rainy periods. Elsewhere, Dubai is a haven of sun, sand and shopping.

Whether you long for picture-perfect beaches, a splash of culture or an epic trip Down Under, here is our selection of the best places to go on honeymoon in January.

Where To Go

The Best Places to Honeymoon in January

Indian Ocean


Like green jewels of heaven, over a thousand blissful atolls and tropical islands make up the Maldives. Its palm-pocked white beaches don't disappoint and whether you're in a rustic jungle retreat, beachfront villa or overwater bungalow, you’re only ever mere steps away from curling your toes in its powder-soft sands. The Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations in January to recuperate, slow down and start your life together with unforgettable memories.

Why visit in January?

  • The Maldives has the perfect triple of clear skies, low humidity and minimal rainfall during this time, meaning it's the best time of year for the weather.
  • The great weather at this time of year also makes for the clearest waters, meaning it's the best time for snorkelling and diving as well.
  • Numbers of manta rays are at their highest in the Ari Atoll – an unforgettable experience.

More about honeymooning in the Maldives.


New Zealand

For those with a zest for adventure, New Zealand is a hidden gem of a honeymoon destination. It has every landscape imaginable - snow-dusted mountains, lush rolling hills, glaciers, lakes and rainforest - all in a two-island package not much larger in the UK. And with accommodation ranging from tucked-away beach houses to cutting-edge luxury lodges, there's everything here to suit any honeymoon style and budget. January is the height of summer in New Zealand - the ideal time to visit.

Why visit in January?

  • It's summer in New Zealand so January offers the best weather for your honeymoon, with temperatures between 20-30°C depending on where you are.
  • The fine weather also makes it the perfect time for the endless amount of high-adrenaline outdoor activities you can do in New Zealand - bungee jumping, skiing, white-water rafting, zip-lining, jet-boating and much more.
  • Go hiking and cycling through the country's magnificent landscapes, taking on one of its Great Walks or Rides. At this time of year, the lupins and gorse of Central Otago and Fiordland blooms beautifully.

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With a beautiful array of beaches and islands sprinkled across its southern reaches, Thailand has plenty of top tropical chill spots on its Andaman Coast for a relaxing honeymoon in January. If you want to twin it with some culture, then Thailand's tribes and jungle in its north and the incredible experience at Elephant Hills in Khao Sok National Park are great companions for a multi-centre honeymoon in Thailand. January features the best weather for these parts of the country, too!

Why visit in January?

  • January in the south of Thailand brings a dry heat, avoiding the humidity that starts to arrive in March making for hot but comfortable weather.
  • It's a great time for mixing culture with somewhere to chill, with both the northern jungles and tropical islands on the Andaman Coast enjoying fantastic weather.
  • It's Chinese New Year in January, so if you fancy witnessing the vibrant celebrations in Thailand, Bangkok's Chinatown is the best place for it.

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Think of the word exotic and the archipelago of Zanzibar is never far behind. Postcard-perfect golden beaches meet kaleidoscopic reefs on desert islands so secluded it can often feel like there's no one else around. A pinch of culture can be found among the trading history of Stone Town but its primary draw is the very fact it's so easy to get away from it all here, which is ideal for your honeymoon where privacy is key. Just after the 'short rains' January represents a dry weather window in which to escape to this paradise.

Why visit in January?

  • January is perfectly placed in-between Zanzibar's 'short rains' and 'long rains', offering fine weather for you to enjoy your desert island escape.
  • This narrow weather window is quieter than the main dry season between June and October, meaning you'll have more of an intimate experience.
  • Twin a stay in Zanzibar with mainland Tanzania in January and you'll be on there for the wildebeest calving season as well.

More about honeymooning in Zanzibar.



Australia is gigantic, with beaches, rainforests, reefs and the Outback, all teeming with weird and wonderful wildlife. It's continental in size and while that can seem a little daunting, it is also incredibly exciting if you're planning a honeymoon - the sky's the limit. It's the prime season weather-wise in the southern half of Australia during January, meaning you can hop between fascinating cities, stunning wilderness and witness the magnitude of it all in glorious sunshine.

Why visit in January?

  • It's peak summer in the south of Australia, so days are hot and sunshine is aplenty.
  • Spend those sunny days in Sydney where life is lived by the water. Grab a surfboard and cool off in the sparkling sea or head into the beautiful Blue Mountains.
  • January in Australia also means sun-soaked vineyards, with the Margaret River wine region just south of Perth one of the best.

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British Virgin Islands

With azure waters, pristine sands and leafy interiors, the British Virgin Islands offers the ideal island escapism for a honeymoon in January. Said to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel Treasure Island, each island is laced with landscapes so good they could be made from gold. If you can't choose, the calm waters during January makes it perfect for a thrilling sailing trip - an incredible honeymoon with a difference.

Why visit in January?

  • January in the British Virgin Islands is peak dry season, when uninterrupted sunny weather is most reliable.
  • With waters as still as a mill-pond, January is the perfect time to go sailing among these islands!
  • The calm waters also makes it a haven for snorkelling and diving, making the archipelago's stunning tropical waterworld that little bit closer...

More about honeymooning in the British Virgin Islands.

Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka

If you want somewhere small enough to explore properly but also overflowing with culture, then Sri Lanka is the perfect choice for a honeymoon. In January, plenty of the country is monsoon-free with plenty of warm, dry weather, meaning you can really explore without worrying about getting washed out. It's one of the best times to see its cultural icons, wildlife and rugged coastline. 

Why visit in January?

  • Though the Cultural Triangle dodges rain for most of the year, in January it's a little cooler, so it's more comfortable for exploring.
  • January is also a great time for visiting the Tea Country and south of the island, where it's the middle of the dry season. Combine this with the Cultural Triangle and you a trio of culture-rich regions to explore!
  • January is also a brilliant time for visiting the Maldives and with it only being an hour's flight from Sri Lanka, together they'd be the perfect twin-centre mix.

More about honeymooning in Sri Lanka.



Looking for an infinite supply of stunning islands, world-class diving and a curious culture for your honeymoon? Well, look no further than the Philippines. Its strings of rainbow-hued reefs, white-sand beaches and limestone karsts are beautiful sights to behold and the fact they fly under the radar adds a slice of seclusion that makes it perfect for a honeymoon.

Why visit in January?

  • The Philippines experiences some of its best weather during January, meaning it sees its spectacular beaches, jungle and coral reefs at their best.
  • A lot of the Philippines' scenery will still be lush (especially in early January), meaning you'll be treated to excellent emerald views.
  • Temperatures are slightly cooler in January (though still warm), making it more comfortable to explore the lush island interiors.

More about honeymooning in the Philippines.

Middle East


Dubai drips with glamour, a Middle Eastern city which stretches superlatives to the ultimate. Futuristic skyscrapers and supersized malls make it an irresistible urban playground for couples, but add in some sun-soaked beaches and it's a honeymoon where you can both play and chill, whether on its own or as part of a twin-centre.

Why visit in January?

  • January is the 'coolest' time of year to visit, so it's a more comfortable time to strolling around the Downtown area but still warm enough to hit the beach.
  • A lot of people are put off by the prospect of showers in January but these are rare, so take advantage of the thinner crowds.
  • It's also an excellent time for visiting the Maldives, so combining its beautiful islands with Dubai would be a fantastic twin-centre.

More about honeymooning in Dubai.


South Africa

Though January isn't the best time for a safari in South Africa, the country's south-western corner is experiencing its best weather. Cape Town is a brilliant city to explore, with the towering Table Mountain and legacy of Nelson Mandela, while the Winelands and Garden Route are drenched in sunshine. The three together make for a thrilling honeymoon road trip across one of South Africa's most picturesque regions - perfect for couples seeking a slice of adventure.

Why visit in January?

  • In January, Cape Town is at its warmest, with temperatures hovering around 25°C, which is ideal for being out and about.
  • January marks the start of the grape harvest, which makes it a particularly special time in the Winelands.
  • The sunny days mean you'll see the best of the region's beaches, such as Camps Bay and Boulders Beach, with the latter home to thousands of African penguins.

More about honeymooning in South Africa.



Barbados is a dreamy Caribbean island that lives up to the postcard hype for a honeymoon in January. Long, unspoilt stretches of cream-coloured beaches speckled with palms swaying gently in the breeze curve around charmingly secluded bays. A fusion of Caribbean cool and British tradition is a lovely cultural undercurrent, while the rum distilleries that dot Barbados' interior are worth visiting so you can toast your new married life together.

Why visit in January?

  • January is slap bang in Barbados' dry season, where warm and dry temperatures are matched by cooling breezes brought by the trade winds. The perfect weather combo!
  • The great weather lends itself perfectly to the many water sports you can do, including catamaraning and jet-skiing.
  • Most hotels in Barbados don't accept children under 12 during January and February, making it ideal for honeymooners looking for an adults-only destination.

More about honeymooning in Barbados.



Kenya is an excellent choice for a honeymoon in January if you want the thrill of a safari combined with some downtime on the beach. The Masai Mara is iconic for the Great Migration but it has the 'Big Five' all year round, as well as a wild and wonderful supporting cast. Zanzibar is often picked as the chill-out zone of choice but the Kenyan Coast is incredibly underrated, with beaches that rival anywhere on the planet.

Why visit in January?

  • January falls in between the country's 'short rains' and the 'long rains' so the weather is hot and dry - perfect for watching wildlife.
  • Though you won't be able to see the Great Migration at this time of year, it's a quieter period for safaris so you'll have more of the wildlife to yourself.
  • The hot weather extends to Kenya's gorgeous coastline, so you don't have to leave the country for the ideal safari-beach combo.

More about honeymooning in Kenya.


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