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Beautiful British Columbia
Western Canada

Holidays in British Columbia

The raw and rugged coastline of British Columbia weaves in and out of rainforest-clad mountain ranges, with an air of impenetrable magnificence. Its waters are abundant with sea life, from orca, humpback whales and white-sided dolphins, to harbour seals, porpoises, halibut and salmon. Its land is roamed by black and grizzly bears, wolves, cougars and coyotes, while its skies are patrolled by bald-headed eagles. A holiday to British Columbia is sure to ignite the soul and excite the spirit. Explore one of the world’s greatest outdoor playgrounds by foot, car, plane and train. Discover the bustling oceanfront cities of Victoria and Vancouver, ski or hike from the towering mountain peaks of Whistler, unwrap the intricate history of the indigenous people of Canada and experience some of nature’s greatest events. It's all here, in beautiful British Columbia.


British Columbia Highlights

Oceanfront Cities

Victoria, located on the southern end of Vancouver Island, is the capital of British Columbia and a melting pot of culture, creativity, history and heritage. Home to British Columbia's government buildings, a multitude of museums and an array of fabulous farm-to-table cafés and restaurants, Victoria is a truly fabulous place to explore. On the mainland, Vancouver reigns supreme as the heart of British Columbia's infrastructure and industry. It's the main entry and exit point for international travellers, providing a gateway to the very best of British Columbia.  

Mountain Adventures

British Columbia is a mountain lover's paradise. From the moment you land, you won't have to turn your head far before you lay eyes on a mountain. The city of Vancouver is flanked by the north shore mountains which lead up the Sea To Sky Highway to Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and beyond. The Sunshine Coast is home to the Coast Mountains, including Tetrahedron Peak, and many hut-to-hut hiking opportunities. Vancouver Island, the largest island off the west coast of North America, also offers mountain activities in abundance.

Incredible Wildlife

One of the main draws to British Columbia is its abundance of incredible wildlife, and quite rightly so. The annual salmon run, which typically begins late July and runs through to October, has created an ecosystem like no other. Whales, bears, wolves, coyotes (just to name a few), survive here because of the salmon and visitors are able to experience these wondrous creatures in their natural habitats from the Bear Lodges of British Columbia. 

Epic Roadtrips

On a sunny day the journey from Vancouver to Whistler, up the famous Sea To Sky Highway, rivals that of the Big Sur to Los Angeles drive in California. Similarly, the drive across Vancouver Island to the surf town of Tofino offers endless lakes, stunning waterfalls and magnificent mountain views. Central British Columbia, officially lake country, offers more of a desert landscape, with sun-soaked vineyards and beautiful lake shore roads. One of the most popular road trip routes is from Vancouver to the mountain towns of Banff or Jasper, a truly epic drive where you will see a multitude of landscapes. 


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Best time to visit British Columbia

Summer Sun

Much like the UK, weather in British Columbia can be unpredictable at any time of year. However, the warmer and drier summer months run from mid-June through to mid-October. July and August are the busiest months for tourism, but being such a vast landscape, you don't have to travel far to escape the crowds at any time of year. 

Winter Fun

Depending on which part of British Columbia you are visiting, the locals would say winter spans from November through to March/April. Snow birds should plan to visit between mid December and mid March for guaranteed snow, but the ski season has been known to run from mid November through to the end of April. January and February receive the majority of the winter storms, delivering fresh powder to the mountain tops and epic storm-watching conditions in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. 

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On the edge of British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, hidden amidst the berry bushes and fir tree forests, you'll find family owned and run Farewell Harbour Lodge. For the ultimate wildlife and wilderness experience, wrapped in a big bear hug, look no further than this remote outpost.
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