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Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Say the word ‘Maldives’ and instantly Robinson Crusoe-esque visions of gin-clear iridescent water lapping the shores of tiny atolls flung like a child’s necklace across the ocean spring to mind. It can be a minefield selecting the island that fits your own personal wish list but if it’s an exquisite isolation, far from land with nothing but the hypnotic waves of the ocean around you, then Six Senses Laamu could quite possibly be your very own heaven on earth. In the virtually uncharted territory of the Laamu Atoll, this stunningly understated resort is hidden deep in the Indian Ocean towards the far southern reaches of the Maldivian archipelago. The location does mean it takes a little longer to get there but trust us when we say it is worth every single minute of the journey.


Six Senses Laamu


97 villas are strung along the envy-inducing powder soft beach or hover lightly above the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.Ocean Beach Villas and Lagoon Beach Villas are set on the perfect sands with strategically placed sun loungers topped with plump cushions, direct access to the beach and a treetop deck for epic sunset viewing, whilst the Laamu, Ocean and Lagoon Water Villas sit on weathered timber jetties in the azure coloured lagoon.

You can play hide and seek with the fish as you laze in your glass bathtub, or drift away in the hammock strung over the water. The seriously comfy day beds are custom-made for all indulgent day-long relaxing. Some of the villas also feature an irresistible infinity-edge pool!


You embark on a journey of all senses when it comes to dining and thankfully, even though this is an island retreat, there are three restaurants and two bars, an ice cream studio and a wine cellar and deli. Most are set over water and all have that most essential of Maldivian ingredient – sublime tropical views. Guests staying on a half board or full board basis can now upgrade to a ‘Sinner or Saint’ drinks package and indulge in a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Pamper & Play

The Six Senses Spa sits right on the beach and offers a superb array of therapies. For lovers of the water world who can’t resist the call of the waves, the 8ft Yin-Yang is a world-class surf break just off shore. Wakeboarding, diving, water-skiing and windsurfing are all also available. Snorkelling from the Chill Bar is fantastic – and the playful spinner dolphins enjoy a regular morning and evening swim into the atoll!


Steve from the watersports centre at Six Senses Laamu tells us what to expect and when to surf:

The surf season runs April through to October, although there can be waves March and November.

A little about the breaks:

Firstly, the main break on this side of the atoll is the famous Yin Yang a right hand channel pass reef break. The outside section of this wave breaks in deeper water, which makes it a little fatter and slower, suitable for Intermediate-advavanced surfers. This section generally breaks throughout the season between 5'-8' with some larger days at 10'+ during peak season (July/August). The inside section breaks in shallow water which produces a fast hollow wave for advanced surfers only.

We have three left hand parks close to the island off of Jetty C, these break in deeper water and again are suitable, with each peak having a varying level of difficulty, the peak nearest the reef marker can hold a hollow wave, and as you pass further away the wave fattens out. Suitable for intermediate-advanced surfers on larger days 5'-6' and 6'+ on larger days during peak season. On smaller days 2'-3' it is possible for a beginner to ride these waves as long as they are turning and trimming, and know when to kick out. There is also a right handed off of the Jetty C which is shallow fast and hollow, only for the crazy crew!

Outside the watersports Centre we have a shoulder breaking into the lagoon 1'-3' ideal for first lessons as the wave breaks into the deep sand bottomed lagoon. Across the channel from SSLM is petrol island a fun bowl shaped reef that produces an "A" frame, Ying yang takes much of the power away from this swell that hits PI, giving us an option when Ying Yang is to big, blown out, or for intermediate surfers, breaks at 3'-4' on the occasional days 5'-6', the wave is a short ride with an easy paddle back to the peak.

There are several breaks on the East side of the atoll. Machines is a similar break to Ying Yang, doesn't break as big, but is more consistent. Refugees, only starts breaking when Ying yang/ machines are 4'+ Beduge, only starts breaking in large swells, when Machines is 6' +, a good option when everywhere else is blown out or to big.
Isdhoo bank requires a special north to north easterly swell and holds a similar wave type.

Access: Ying yang can only be accessed by boat trip as can petrol island, and the breaks on the east side. Jetty C breaks are an easy paddle, or you can opt for a drop off pick up service or a surf pass with guide.






Where is Six Senses Laamu?

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