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Flanked by Fiji to the west and French Polynesia to the east, a Cooks Islands holiday offers perhaps the most laid-back taste of South Seas paradise. With no mass tourism, no high rise buildings, not even a traffic light to be seen, this really is the place to get away from the stresses of daily life. Add to this a picturesque mix of low-lying, coral atolls and high, volcanic islands, all wrapped up in a warm, tropical climate, and you have the makings of a serene South Pacific holiday.


If you’re looking for carefree escapism, head to the captivating Cook Islands and let the magic of this island nation do the rest!” - Suzy Higgs, Product Manager


1. Famous for its blue lagoons and white sand beaches, a holiday to the Cook Islands offers the quintessential paradise island experience.

2. Explorers can join a guided cross-island walk or take a 3 hour 4WD safari through the mountains and rainforest. Keen horse riders will love the riding trails through tropical plantations and past waterfalls where you can stop for a swim.

3. Aitutaki lagoon consistently ranks as one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world – a few nights in a luxury hideaway on this small ‘almost-atoll’ is unmissable!

4. The South Seas produce the most sought-after black pearls in the world, and the mysterious and beautiful Cook Islands black pearl is a ‘must-buy’ for anyone looking for a unique keepsake.

5. Fresh seafood is a highlight and many hotels offer a traditional island feast - ‘umu kai’ - with accompanying dancing and drumming (the ‘umu kai’ is cooked in an earth oven filled with scorching hot stones).

Holidays to the Cook Islands

These jewels in the Pacific remain as pristine as they were when our very own Captain James Cook chanced upon them in the late 1700s. A strong Polynesian culture remains, and festivals are a fundamental part of life, with singing, music and dancing at the very core of this island paradise. Warm, down-to-earth and ever-smiling, a natural charm emanates from the proud people of the Cooks, making this alluring and beautiful country so endearing. The nation has strong ties with New Zealand: Cook Islanders are New Zealand citizens, the currency is the New Zealand dollar and the official languages are Cook Islands Maori and English.

Turquoise recommends - Cook Islands Hotels

For a Polynesian yet contemporary hideaway, we love Nautilus Resort and Crown Beach Resort. Those looking for a stylish home away from home with the option to self-cater, should head to Te Vakaroa VillasSea Change or Te Manava. For sheer romance, you can’t beat Rumours Luxury Villas. On Aitutaki, the award-winning all-beachfront boutique resort Pacific Resort Aitutaki is heavenly.

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