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Luxury Safaris in Botswana

Africa’s shining light, a Botswana Safari offers one of the last remaining true wilderness experiences; boasting a dramatically diverse ecological system which varies from the unique flood-waters of the Okavango Delta to the almost surreal, sun-baked salt-pans of the central Kalahari and the game-rich Chobe, Linyanti and Okavango Rivers.


“The untouched natural beauty of Botswana with vast tracks of wilderness and the obvious passion for wildlife with everyone I met, makes for an unbeatable game viewing experience around every corner.”  - Willa, Assistant Sales Manager.


1. Okavango Delta - the Okavango is the largest inland delta on the planet, and rightly considered one of the most incredible wildlife and wilderness sanctuaries in Africa. Home to the magnificent Big 5, it won’t fail but take your breath away.

2. Moremi Game Reserve - in the heart of the Delta, the existing strict guidelines ensure that game is plentiful and safari vehicles are kept to a minimum. Here you will have ultimate private viewing experience. This area is also home to Africa’s highest concentration of elephants.

3. SavutiSelinda channels connect the Linyanti river system with the interior of the Chobe National Park. This whole area teems with game and bird life, and is a wonderful spot to watch game roaming freely.

4. Kalahari - The grasslands of the Kalahari and the ‘lunar-like’ expanse of the Makgadikgadi salt pans are in total contrast to the verdant, game-rich Okavango and Linyanti regions.

5. Mokoro Trails - a traditional dug out canoe used to make your way through he Okavango’s waterways. A fun exciting experience, which complete the Okavango experience.

Historically, Botswana is one of Africa’s outstanding success stories. In an effort to preserve the country’s pristine environment and deliver the finest authentic wildlife experience. Botswana government abandoned mass tourism and implemented a state policy of low-volume, high-quality tourism. Today, tourism and wildlife employ 45% of all people living in northern Botswana and nearly 40% of the country has been set aside for wildlife. The land has been divided into private reserves or concessions and is leased out to safari companies who are required to manage these within strict guidelines in order to prevent overcrowding and damage to the environment.


No other country in Africa has an attraction like the Okavango Delta – it is truly bucket list worthy, and makes Botswana totally unique. The Okavango is the lead attraction, with Shinde and Jao Camp being a couple of our favourite camps. However, do not forget to consider destinations like the Selinda - with Selinda Explorers Camp being the stand out property – or the Makgadikgadi (home to the incredible Jacks Camp), as they will also blow you away.

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