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Privacy and Security Policy

We collect three types of information online:
1. About you - the information you type in
2. About how you use our site - because we can track this using ‘cookies’
3. About your travel patterns - if you request a quote or make bookings with us

The main ways we use this information: 
1. To tailor how our site can help you
2. To fulfil your travel requirements and deliver what you have asked us for
3. To treat you more personally
4. To maintain your records
5. To send you appropriate marketing communications
6. For anonymous analysis about how our customers use this site

We let other selected companies use this information: 
To help fulfil your travel requirements & help deliver what you have requested

And, for your peace of mind: 
1. For over 3 years we have been safeguarding customer information on our computers
2. You can stop us sending you marketing communications anytime
3. You can delete or change the information which you have given us anytime

The Turquoise Holiday Company Security Information

Planning and booking your dream holiday with The Turquoise Holiday Company is quick, easy, convenient and safe.

The Turquoise Holiday Company makes every effort to maintain customer confidentiality when collecting personal information and securing an online payment. This includes ensuring the security of your credit card details and any  other information you give us. 

All of your personal information is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. As with any standard e-mail, e-mails containing your personal data sent to or from The Turquoise Holiday Company will travel in a non-encrypted format.

Would you like to know more? 
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