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Gift list terms and conditions

Our wedding gift list is totally free to our honeymoon customers and at no point do we implement credit card surcharges for friends and family contributing to you’re a gift list. The benefits of the service are that it is unique and innovative; the focus is not on profit or gain, rather to provide our clients with the best service possible to enhance their honeymoon and make it memorable. We will not allow abuse the service and take advantage of the concept of what we are trying to achieve and maintain as a company for our clients. Please note the following points;

  • The service is designed for contributions from friends and family and guests of your wedding.
  • Any items on your gift list which is hotel based should be booked and paid for locally. However, if there is something you especially want to pre book we will get this organised for you, but payment will still need to be made locally.
  • Unless hotel based, we highly encourage clients to pre book excursions at least 14 days prior to departure, in order for our gift list co-ordinator to make all necessary arrangements.
  • We recommend adding flight and room upgrade options to your gift list. However, please note that pricing and availability will change, speak to our co-ordinator about getting these elements booked well in advance.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any payment which we believe is not made in the spirit of the service and/or any payment over £1000.

Please note that the gift list rates that we have given maybe subject to change, as the prices of the gifts may vary slightly due to exchange rates or if your honeymoon is booked far in advance.  Also the hotels do occasionally amend prices for their experiences without any notice.  We will however, get the best rates we can for you at the time of booking the gift experiences for you.

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