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Marquesas Islands

Marquesas Islands

Located in the remote, spiritual and cultural Marquesas Islands about 1,500km from Tahiti, the majestic and historic island of Hiva Oa is known for its wild untamed landscapes, its giant stone tiki, its endless unearthly vistas and as the final resting place of poet Jacques Brel and artist Paul Gauguin.

The largest of the southern Marquesan group, Hiva Oa is a fertile island with deep valleys, lush plateaus and thickly wooded forests. The island is a three-hour flight from Tahiti.

Nuku Hiva

The most northerly archipelago, about 1500kms from Tahiti and clustered just below the equator, nature runs wild in the dramatic and mystical Marquesas Islands.The largest island in the Marquesas, Nuku Hiva is known for its jagged mountain peaks, secluded, lush valleys, ancient religious sites, fiord-like bays and majestic waterfalls. The Marquesas have no sheltered reefs or lagoons to protect them from the pounding ocean - the coastline either ends in abrupt cliffs or is indented with bays. This is a land where packs of wild horses roam in complete freedom.


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