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A Cultural & Culinary Adventure Along the Gulf of Mexico
Papantla, Tecolutla, Xalapa & Veracruz City

A Cultural & Culinary Adventure Along the Gulf of Mexico

Travel through captivating Veracruz and be immersed in vibrant local music while exploring cultural heritage and savouring tantalising flavours from the region’s own cuisine on this 12-day journey. A great choice for an authentic and less trodden experience of what Mexico has to offer; delectable gastronomy, a strong essence of history, and sun-kissed beaches. Start your itinerary in Papantla and experience heartwarming traditions, vanilla farms, and the archaeological wonders of El Tajín before spending a few nights relaxing in the scenic coastal town of Tecolutla. From here venture to the lush highlands of the capital city, Xalapa, for colourful streets, storied buildings, coffee plantations, and traditional music. Finish your itinerary in Veracruz City and delve into a zest of culinary delights while exploring more colonial architecture and lively markets.


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£6,990 per person
Prices for 1 night in Mexico City on bed & breakfast, 3 nights in Papantla on bed & breakfast, 2 nights in Tecolutla on bed & breakfast, 3 nights in Xalapa on bed & breakfast, and 3 nights in Veracruz City on bed & breakfast start from £6,990 per person including international flights from London, all listed domestic flights, transfers, and excursions. Prices based on travel in May. Further tailormade excursions available at a supplement.
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