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Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

With rolling, lush green hills and the highest altitudes on Peninsula Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands offer a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of busy KL or from the heat of the lowlands. The highlands here boast some of Malaysia’s most beautiful natural scenery, with picturesque waterfalls, verdant valleys and mountain views.

History & Culture

The area was favoured by the British during the colonial era when the fertile mountains were discovered to provide perfect conditions for growing tea. As a result, many tea plantations and hill stations were set up, many of which still survive today. A tour of the famous tea plantations is a highlight of any visit and the area still retains the air of a British colonial hill station.

The Cameron Highlands are also famous for the fresh produce grown here, including strawberries and even fresh flowers such as roses. It is possible to enjoy some scenic jungle treks, sample some of the local produce and even visit some of the remote hilltribe villages, which still exist in this region.


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The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia
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