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The latest place to win over our hearts and minds is Sumba. Just over an hour’s flight from Bali, it is twice the size but home to only 650,000 inhabitants. Part of Nusa Tenggara Timor, its isolated location means that for centuries, little has changed, with the exception of one intimate all-inclusive resort. Nihi Sumba is the rustic-luxe gateway to the wildness of Sumba.

Home of Legendary Nihi Sumba

Over thirty years ago, the vision for Nihi Sumba was to create a truly sustainable resort that would preserve the unique and rich Sumbanese culture and empower the local community. Recently refurbished and revitalised, yet still with the same ethos at heart, Nihiwatu has re-opened its doors as one of the finest resorts in the world. Most crucially is the ongoing commitment to the consultation with the local community and the preservation of island life.

This is an all-out life-changing experience, a place to throw away your mobile phone and embrace nature, culture and local Sumba life. Trek through jungles, picnic at waterfalls, ride along the beach, surf with pros, learn to spear fish, visit villages, immerse yourself in the jungle spa and enjoy life as we don’t know it.


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Nihi Sumba
“Across Indonesia you will be immersed in lush green jungles, sweeping rice paddy fields, buzzing towns, colourful artwork and fascinating history, while on the coast you can indulge in the ultimate luxury of a private pool villa and evening strolls along the beach enjoying beautiful sunsets.” Carl, Indonesia travel specialist
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