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Jasper, the gateway to adventure

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The sleepy and less-frequented town of Jasper lies just shy of 200 miles north of Banff. Travel by car or train through a majestic land intricately shaped by its glacial past. The Columbia Icefields Parkway tops the charts year in, year out as one of the world’s most iconic drives, boasting over a thousand visible glaciers and hundreds of milky turquoise lakes, which show their azure colours as soon as the snow begins to melt each spring. The Athabasca Glacier is perhaps the most impressive and accessible of the lot, and there are a number of companies providing glacial walk and buggy experiences to visitors wanting to get up close and personal.

Jasper's size is best described as blink-and-you'll-miss-it. A small linear town and much more understated than its southern sister Banff, Jasper has everything you could need – but not much more. One of the largest dark sky reserves in North America, this is the place to be on a clear night, and for those whose interest in astronomy goes beyond spotting the North Star, head to the Jasper Planetarium. With Pyramid Lake on the town’s doorstep and Maligne Lake just an hour away by car, lakes and their surrounding mountain hikes are a big feature of Jasper’s wider allure. Following the water theme, Jasper has also become famous for its rafting and kayaking – although possibly they're activities for adrenaline junkies only! 

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Moose are the largest member of the deer family, with an average height of 10ft. There are around 150 Moose in Jasper National Park and although they prefer to stay in forested areas, it's common to see them crossing the road. If you are lucky enough to see a Moose on your journey through Jasper, make sure you keep a good distance and if in your car, turn off the engine and soak up the sheer majesty of this beautiful animal.
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