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Top Ten Silver Wedding Anniversary Holidays

Twenty five years is a milestone that deserves to be marked in any marriage. For most of us the journey is one of ups and downs, with plenty of good times and our fair share of challenges, but hey, you’ve made it and we say that’s well worth a celebration holiday.

Cast your minds back a quarter of a century. That exotic honeymoon in Italy or Florida probably feels like a lifetime ago. Perhaps you were trendsetters, daring to leave tradition at home with a ground (and bank) breaking destination wedding, barefoot and beautiful on the beach in one of the new-look sheath wedding dresses (frills and flounces were just so eighties). You were glued to Thelma and Louise on the plane, and your paperback of choice would have been The Firm. Or maybe you rebelled, throwing caution to the wind, and eloped into the sunset leaving your cares – and your family – behind you.

Every marriage has a story to tell, and now it’s time for the next chapter.

The chances are your brood has flown the nest so with luck you have some time to spare and cash to splash. Back in the 1990s holidays were still an annual summer thing. Travel is now a way of life for many of us but there are still some pretty special places in the world that we have been keeping tucked up our sleeves for just this type of occasion.

Here are our top ten holidays that should be on the list for any Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Go on, you know you’re worth it!

1. South Africa.

Great food and wine with a cosmopolitan city culture mixed with sophisticated beachlife, and above all great value for money.

2.The Caribbean for Grown Ups.

If you were lucky enough to hit the dizzying heights with a Caribbean honeymoon, why not bring back those heady days. Swaying in a hammock under a palm tree on exclusive Anguilla or on your own private island in the BVIs is hard to beat.

3. Australia or New Zealand.

Live the dream. Recapture your glory days of carefree abandonment in a motorhome or spend the kids’ inheritance on the Southern Hemisphere’s new generation of luxury lodges.

4. A cruise –

But not as you know it. Be one of the lucky few to voyage through the outer Marquesas in Tahiti delivering vital supplies to locals, while soaking up the magic of remote French Polynesia, or take a traditional Dhow safari along Mozambique’s archipelago.

5. South East Asia.

Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are three countries you probably wouldn’t have dreamt of for your honeymoon back in the day, but today they are vibrant, colourful destinations that promise a mix of beach, culture and luxury with the spirit of adventure.

6. Safari Beach.

Imagine yourselves as Streep and Redford for a few days of exquisite African magic, then let the beach bring you gently back to reality in a haze of delicious spice island romance.

7. Oman.

This exotic and secretive corner of the Middle East was definitely not on the list in 1991, but it has crept out from Dubai’s shadow and revealed itself to be a sophisticated and sultry country of intrigue and romance. Perfect if you can only spare a week away or less.

8. Mauritius.

If fly and flop is still your idea of heaven, you’ll find it hard to better this idyllic island on which to rekindle your heady days as newly-weds.

9. Sri Lanka.

The east coast of this Indian Ocean island has recently opened up to tourism and it has some of the most tantalising jungle beach resorts we have seen, the perfect culmination to a tour of the cultural triangle.

10. The Maldives.

Consider this the honeymoon you would have had if money had been no object. No longer just the preserve for the rich and famous – unless you want it to be, of course – nowhere on earth is quite as picture-postcard-perfect as this string of white sand atolls in the midst of the shimmering Indian Ocean.

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Written by Lizzie Heeley
My passion for travel started at a young age and I have been fortunate enough to visit many amazing destinations around the world. To pick a favourite would be an impossible task, but my top highlights include living and teaching in Uganda, trekking to see Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, sharing breakfast with Giant Tortoises’ in the Seychelles and seeing the temples of Tikal in Guatemala. My role as Marketing Manager at Turquoise is diverse and creative, I love coming to work and learning more about the world each day!