Island and Beach Holidays by Month 2024

There’s something wonderfully romantic about palm-fringed islands and untouched beaches. The magical images conjured at the thought of escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that invigorating sense of remoteness, of being anchored away from the mainland – these feelings alone are enough to inspire even the most worldly of travellers to go in search of their very own desert island.

Allow our Island calendar to momentarily transport you to sunnier climes. Perhaps to a sandy islet, small enough to circumnavigate in less time that it takes the ice to melt in your drink, or maybe to a lush green wilderness where tropical canopies teem with wildlife. Whatever your paradise looks like, let our resident Robinson Crusoes help steer you towards your perfect treasure island in 2024 and beyond.

January – Maldives

Maldives palm trees and over water villas

The small island nation of the Maldives is so dreamy it borders on surreal. A string of more than a thousand islands all but skim the Indian Ocean’s surface: tiny dots of paradise, blessed with snow-white sand and encircled by turquoise lagoons. Only 200 islands are inhabited, the rest veer between total wilderness and stunning one-resort hideaways. Although a year-round destination, get in touch for a last-minute winter sunshine getaway, it’s not too late.

Travel Time – Approximately 10-12 hours depending on whether you choose direct or indirect.

Time Difference – GMT +5 hours

February – Australia

australia coast

Australia’s coastline measures in at more than 22,000 miles and that’s before you take into consideration the 14,000-plus miles that circumnavigate its islands. In short, we’re talking an awful lot of sand, sun, sea and surf, not to mention many a beach featuring in the world’s top 100. Australia also offers adventure well beyond the lounger and much of the countries captivating spirit lies in its wilderness; rainforest to reef. Plan ahead for your next journey Down Under.

Travel Time – Approximately 16hrs 30 mins to Perth / 21 hours to Sydney

Time Difference – GMT +7 to +11 hours, three time zones

March – Saint Lucia

St lucia boat and pitons

The emerald-green island of Saint Lucia is instantly recognizable from its twin volcanic peaks, Petit and Gros Piton. Distinctive in so many ways, it’s an island for those looking for beach and beyond. Its fertile valleys are laced with banana and cocoa plantations, the later a sweet draw for chocolate lovers. Saint Lucia’s best beaches are tucked away in hidden bays and sheltered by swaying palms, a true delight and an island to discover at your own pace.

Travel Time – Approximately 9 hours

Time Difference – GMT-4 hours

April – Antigua

beach scene at carlisle bay in antigua

The phrase ‘life’s a beach’ was made for Antigua. With 365 spectacular stretches of sand fringing the island, you could laze on a different one every day of the year. Sip cocktails at sunset with the locals at the nearby toes-in-sand rum shack after a day exploring the vibrant reefs which encircle the island, bursting with pastel-hued corals and an abundance of tropical fish. Just off Antigua’s northeast coast lies her little sister, Barbuda. Off the regular tourist path, this paradise isle is well worth a day trip or overnight stay.

Travel Time – Approximately 8hrs 50 mins

Time Difference – GMT -4 hours

May – Seychelles

Seychelles beach with boulders

An archetypal tropical paradise, the deserted beaches, thickly cloaked forest interiors and infinite topaz waters of the Seychelles remain one of the world’s best kept secrets. Lesser known than some of her other Indian Ocean neighbours these islands offer exclusivity on another level, wherever you choose to stay. Each of the 115 island outposts are beguiling and unique, best experienced in combination with one another, offering an unrivalled island-hopping holiday.

Travel Time – Approximately 13 hours

Time Difference – GMT +4 hours

June – The Islands of Tahiti

tahiti overwater bunalows at taahha

A peppering of islands across a vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the five far-flung archipelagos which make up the Islands of Tahiti are extraordinarily diverse. From the high green volcanic mountains of the Society Islands (home to the legendary Bora Bora) to the low-lying glittering turquoise coral atolls of the Tuamotus and the remote Marquesas, these stunning tropical outposts are worth every second of the journey to get there. Indeed, break the journey with a few nights in the cool cosmopolitan of Los Angeles.

Travel Time – Approximately 24 hours via LA

Time Difference – GMT-10 hours

July – Greece


Synonymous with summer holiday style, the Greek Islands are never going out of fashion. With an island for everyone, the only question is which is right for you. For first timers and those looking for a romantic break, Santorini will take your breath away. Her volcanic caldera backdrop and sweeping ocean views are quite simply, sensational. For families and those looking for a little more adventure, Greece’s largest island Crete ticks all the boxes. Endless coves and trails await exploration, interspersed with picturesque harbours, colourful villages and local tavernas covered in an explosion of fuchsia bougainvillea.

Flight time – Approximately 3 hours 40 minutes

Time Difference – GMT +2 hours

August – Zanzibar

zanzibar dhows

The enchanting Zanzibar archipelago comprises the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, plus several smaller islets. Miz the Swahili culture and ramshackle streets of Stone Town with gloriously white beaches and untouched atolls, where world-class snorkelling and diving awaits. The Zanzibar archipelago’s proximity to both mainland Tanzania and Kenya, make it a safari-beach holiday haven. Indeed, East Africa effortlessly offers the days of old, authentic under canvas safari experience in combination with powdery soft sand beaches and boutique island retreats.

Travel Time – Approximately 12 hours via Nairobi

Time Difference – GMT +3 hours

September – Bali

bali ladies in paddies

An island bursting with colour, culture and charisma, all cloaked in a peaceful spirituality, Bali is undeniably beach blessed. Picture-postcard crescent shaped coves, some with crashing surf, others with gently lapping waves, make up the circumference of the island, whilst volcanic peaks, ancient temples and bottle-green forests lie to the interior. Often combined with neighbouring Lombok or lost-in-time Sumba, a journey through Indonesia’s islands is one not to be missed.

Travel Time – Approximately 17 hours, via Dubai

Time Difference – GMT +8hrs


October – Mozambique

dhow at bazaruto archipelago

With 1,500 miles of exquisite coastline and two stunning archipelagos of islands, Mozambique is Africa’s undiscovered jewel. The Bazaruto archipelago lies off the south coast, accessible via helicopter from Vilanculos. The pristine coral reefs which line its shores offer some of the world’s most diverse and rich marine life, whilst on-shore stylish island retreats take Mozambique to altogether new heights in the castaway-cool stakes. Add a twist of adventure by combining these sparkling shores with a safari in South Africa’s malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve.

Travel Time – Approximately 15 hours

Time Difference – GMT +2 hours

November – Mauritius

Mauritius under water waterfall

In the words of Mark Twain, ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius’. Mountains soar above verdant valleys, sugar plantations stretch as far as the eye can see and then the beaches, oh the beaches. Whether you choose to visit the slightly more blustery west coast, adored by kite surfers and watersports enthusiasts around the world, the more secluded south coast or tranquil west coast, solo travellers, couples and families hold Mauritius close to their heart from the moment they step off the plane.

Travel Time – Approximately 12 hours

Time Difference – GMT +4 hours

December – Thailand

hammock on a beach in Thailand

During our autumn and winter months, the footprint-free beaches of Koh Yao Noi and Thailand’s Andaman Coastline, provide endless days of sunshine. Despite Thailand attracting vast numbers of beach-goers each year, the lesser known islands remain rural idylls, with local villages, farms and untouched nature. Barefoot-chic boltholes bring villas with stunning views and endless activities both on the water and the land. Beyond the beach lies the metropolis of Bangkok, where foodies swarm and the rich culture and history of Thailand unfolds. Further north, head to the jungle-clad hills of Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai to add a twist of adventure and wildlife to your holiday.

Travel Time – Approximately 12 hours

Time Difference – GMT +7 hours

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