Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary on holiday this summer.

Our team of travel specialists love planning a special occasion holiday. If you have a wedding anniversary coming up this summer, it is the perfect opportunity to plan a luxury holiday. Turquoise’s expert consultants spend their days putting together tailor made itineraries for every client, making sure your holiday must-haves and dreams are included. Whether it is your first wedding anniversary, a romantic second honeymoon, or you are planning a Ruby wedding anniversary celebration, including the entire family, rest assured you will have the time of your life.


Wedding Anniversary Holidays in June

Where to go for a special anniversary holiday in June:


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Barbados in June. Where beautiful stretches of golden beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters meet charming British tradition.

coral reef club Barbados

Reasons to visit Barbados in June:

  • Crop Over Festival – A 300 year old cultural celebration, honouring the end of the sugar cane harvest. The festival begins in June and last for 6 weeks.
  • Better value holidays in the off season.
  • Even though it is hurricane season in the Caribbean, Barbados’ easterly location means it avoids  a lot of the thunderstorms which impact the region.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Greece in June.  Where you cannot fail to be spoilt with delicious traditional food and drink, while enjoying a perfectly charming, unhurried way of life.

little churce building in greece by the sea

Reasons to visit Greece in June:

  • Summer visitors have not arrived yet, so you can enjoy gorgeous sunshine at a quieter time.
  • The waters are pleasantly warm at this time of year.
  • The anticipation of the full on summer season brings a real feel-good atmosphere.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Botswana in June. Where you will experience top class camps and lodges pitched in the heart of close up encounters of one of the densest wildlife populations on Earth.

giraffe spotted in botswana

Reasons to visit Botswana in June:

  • Wildlife congregates around the watering holes, where floodwaters from Angola have began to fill the streams and lagoons.
  • Cloud free days and pleasant temperatures.
  • A perfect time to see the season colours change.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Fiji in June. Experience diving into crystal clear waters to jungle hikes and waterfalls. You will fall in love with the people as well as the destination.

beautiful beach in fiji

Reasons to visit Fiji in June:

  • Warm enough to snorkel but cool enough to comfortably sunbathe all day.
  • Meet the manta rays in the Yasawas.
  • Snorkel when the Fijian waters are at their clearest.

Wedding Anniversary Holidays in July

Where to go for a special anniversary holiday in July:

The Islands of Tahiti

Celebrate your wedding anniversary in The Islands of Tahiti in July. The Islands of Tahiti are the spiritual home of The Turquoise Holiday Company, when we started 20 years ago, this was the destination that put us on the map.


tahiti overwater bunalows at taahha

Reasons to visit Tahiti in July

  • It’s the dry season! Expect sunny skies and minimal rainfall.
  • Heiva – a month long festival, celebrated across all of the islands.
  • You might get to spot a humpback whale!

Saint Lucia

Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Saint Lucia in July. This island is for you if you are looking for beach and beyond!

Saint Lucia - views of the pitons

Reasons to visit Saint Lucia in July

  • The crowds do not arrive until the winter, peak season
  • Better value, although July is within the region’s official hurricane season, the risk of tropical storms is small.
  • July is Carnival time. You will be amazed by the music and costumes.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Mauritius in July. There’s something for everyone from simply soaking up the sun to exploring the forests, cooling waterfalls and beautiful reefs.

aerial view of a beach in mauritius

Reasons to visit Mauritius in July

  • The weather is dry and cool, but warm enough to lay on the beach.
  • It is considered the low season, and is better value for money.
  • If you are staying on the west coast, you may spot a humpback whale.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Indonesia in July. Indonesia is an enthralling mix of culture, religion, landscapes and traditions. Island hopping on your holiday is essential and captivating, every day is unique.

indonesia bali nihiwatu private pool

Reasons to visit Indonesia in July

  • It is the dry season in Indonesia, so you can expect blue skies.
  • It is the best time to go snorkelling and diving off the coast of Komodo island.
  • With little rain, it is easier to spot orangutans in the jungles of Kalimantan.

Wedding Anniversary Holidays in August

Where to go for a special anniversary holiday in August:


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Kenya in August. Discover an authentic safari experience and witness The Great Migration.

kenya giraffes with mount Kilimanjaro background

Reasons to visit Kenya in August

  • It’s the best time for the Great Migration. Over a million wildebeest charge from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the Masai Mara.
  • Kenya experiences the dry season, so it will be warm.
  • Wildlife are easier to spot, as they won’t be sheltering from the rain.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in the Maldives in August. A holiday to the Maldives is very romantic, with stunning coral atolls and tropical islands, like tiny drops of heaven.

Milaidhoo in the maldives

Reasons to visit the Maldives in August

  • At this time of year you may experience swimming with manta rays and whale sharks
  • It is Maldives low season, rainfall is rare.
  • Low season means you may get better value for your special occasion holiday.


Celebrate your wedding anniversary in the Seychelles in August. Made up of 115 granite and coral islands, the islands are like dreamy drops of green jungle ringed by ribbons of white and gold sand.

Seychelles beach with boulders

Reasons to visit the Seychelles in August

  • It is the dry season in the Seychelles, the days are warm and not too hot.
  • The cooler weather makes it ideas exploring the jungle interiors and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.
  • Wildlife- Whale sharks may be spotted off the coast of Mahe and it is the peak nesting season for many seabirds.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Celebrate your wedding anniversary in Mexico in August. Mexico’s Riviera Maya is where beaches, ancient ruins and watery worlds all jostle for the limelight.

fairmont mexico beach sunset

Reasons to visit Mexico Riviera Maya in August

  • It is the rainy season, but there will be sunshine and rain free days
  • It is rare for the Riviera Maya to be affected by the hurricane season. There is are great offers for your holiday.
  • It is a great time for spotting whale sharks and dolphins.



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