There’s no denying that mixing both adventure and relaxation is a fantastic combination for a honeymoon. You have the thrills of exploring a country and getting under its skin, as well as unwinding on a beach to recharge your batteries after a hectic wedding all in one unforgettable holiday. Here are some of our favourite honeymoons which combine thrills and chills…

Sri Lanka and the Maldives

If you’re measuring a country on the amount of culture, adventure and eye-popping landscapes it has in relation to its size, few can match Sri Lanka’s remarkable haul. There’s everything from temple-studded vistas to colonial forts and wildlife-rich national parks to the emerald beauty of the Tea Country. You can hop around the island without it ever feeling like a slog. Then, the Maldives is only a 90-minute flight away, where cashmere-soft sands, cerulean lagoons and tropical serenity await. Here is all about being completely and utterly lost in your dreamy surroundings the hardest thing here is which paradise island you pick to stay on!

Sri Lanka train

New Zealand and Fiji

Like Sri Lanka, New Zealand has an abundance of larger-than-life landscapes in a relatively small area. There’s rolling countryside, towering snow-dusted mountains and geothermal wonders, all knitted together so seamlessly it feels normal. That’s because it is in New Zealand and a road trip is the best way to witness them, experiencing beguiling Maori culture along the way. Hop over to Fiji in the South Pacific for remote islands blessed with lush interiors, sugar-white sands and iridescent coral reefs. Of course, there’s lots of adventure to be found in Fiji, should you be seeking more!

Kenya and Zanzibar

Is there a better destination than East Africa for a safari? We think not. A few days in Kenya’s desolate savannah, binoculars in hand, spotting elephants, lions, warthogs, leopards and lots more, is one of the most incredible experiences you can ever have. However, no matter how exciting a safari is, the early mornings and long days can take their toll and after a few days, you’ll be angling for the beach. Zanzibar is an island which evokes exoticism, known for its ancient trading history and escapism the latter an important ingredient in any honeymoon and you’ll find bucketloads of it here.

California and The Islands of Tahiti

Adventure comes in many forms in California, whether it’s hiking the raw wilderness of Yosemite National Park or treading in the footsteps of celebrity A-listers in Los Angeles. Spend a few days in California exploring its diverse wonders, before jetting off to The Islands of Tahiti, where you’ll be in awe of the high-definition Hollywood views. Hole up in your romantic overwater bungalow right in front of emerald peaks, pantone-tinged lagoons and cotton-white sands. Never mind Los Angeles, it’s in The Islands of Tahiti where you’ll feel like a real moviestar.

Single-centre honeymoons

It’s not only twin-centre honeymoons where you can find adventure and relaxation in equal measure. Some destinations have both qualities. Thailand is one of our favourites, where you can combine the cosmopolitan vibes of Bangkok, the remote jungle of the north and one of its glorious islands. Borneo boasts both rich, virgin jungle for hiking and spotting wildlife, and beach resorts for getting away from it all. Saint Lucia in the Caribbean rewards those with lush interiors perfect for any number of adrenaline-fuelled activities and golden curves for kicking back on.

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