One silver lining of being limited in what we can do socially while the UK is effectively in lockdown is, for a lot of us, that we have a lot more time on our hands. While we can’t travel anywhere now, you’ll probably have a hankering for an incredible trip once borders begin to reopen. A lot of the time, a holiday to an epic destination takes of a lot of planning and consideration, often begun way in advance of your departure. Thankfully, now you can devote the time an escape like this deserves. Plus, we know an expert is always handy for complex trips like this, so we’re always here to help with the intricacies and our specialist travel knowledge. Here are five destinations you should start planning for while in isolation…

New Zealand

A country bursting with wild adventure, New Zealand is a patchwork of stunning landscapes, captivating cultures and adrenaline-fuelled thrills. There is so much to see here, from the geothermal pools of Rotorua to the icy wonder of Franz Josef Glacier, that you’ll want to move around and try and experience as much of the country as you can. Luckily, New Zealand is small enough you can choose to hop between hotels or enjoying epic road trip in a camper van. Exploring so many different places and how to get between them is an intricate process and one of experienced New Zealand specialists can certainly help you to realise this amazing adventure.


Like its neighbour but on a far larger scale, Australia is vast in size and varied in vistas. There are sun-soaked vineyards, scorched crimson plains, lush rainforests, uber-cool cities and a plethora of top diving sites. The ways in which you can see a selection of the lot are also endless, including memorable coastal road trips, wonderful train journeys and domestic flights, should you want to extend the distance you’d like to cover. With Australia, there are so many possibilities and so many extraordinary adventures to be had that planning way in advance is essential. We can make sure you find the right combination of sights, places and activities, and help you knit them together.

South Pacific

Possibly as far away from the UK as you can get, the South Pacific is a tropical collection of paradise islands laden with swaying palms, postcard-perfect beaches and snorkel-worthy turquoise lagoons. The likes of The Islands of Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands are the very definition of far-flung, both in their exotic appearance and off-grid location. There isn’t a direct flight flight to any of the archipelagos, with the preferred route to Tahiti via California and Fiji and the Cook Islands requires a pit stop in New Zealand. As you’re going such a long way, we’d always recommend island hopping for a deeper flavour of each destination, especially as Tahiti, for example, is much more than just Bora Bora.


California is a state that’s far more than just a city escape to the likes of San Francisco or Los Angeles. It’s a state that has no end of man-made and natural wonders, from the granite grandeur and giant sequoias of Yosemite National Park to the sun-drenched vineyards of Sonoma Valley and faded Hollywood glamour of Palm Springs. You could combine the whole lot on one breathtaking road trip for the coolest summer adventure in California. We’re here to do the legwork for you, from hiring the car to working out the logistics.

Western Canada

For landscapes that are larger than life, you’ll find them in Western Canada. Sawtooth mountains, milky blue lakes and endless pine forests dominate your eyeline wherever you go just as nature intended. You’ll want to see it all and to do that, whether it’s by car or train, is worth the research and planning. The wildlife are also a star attraction and we know the best bear lodges you can stake out at to witness these beautiful beasts (Western Canada is home to brown, black and spirit bears), as well as the most ethical whale-watching tours around Vancouver Island.


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