I’ve never been a fan of arriving at a new destination at night. There’s something quite perturbing about trying to get your bearings in the dark. Everywhere you look is the same. You can hear the sea, but you don’t know where it is in relation to you. Are you walking towards it or away from it?


water villas at sunset at laamu

That being said, I could feel the potential of the island despite the darkness. Lush, untamed, tropical jungle surrounded me and so did the sounds of what lay within. There was a constant, yet inoffensive, confrontation with humidity paired with warm, light breezes that wrapped around me, making my shoulders instantly relax. Yes, it’s only natural to feel a sense of uncertainty when it comes to the unknown but I wasn’t suffering any apprehension. I knew I was going to wake up in paradise.

Waking up to a panorama of tropical sights completely confirmed that the Maldives was, and always will be, the ultimate honeymoon destination. This is not only just down to the sheer beauty of the island nation, but also what it has to offer. There is no doubt in my mind that any of our hand-picked, Turquoise properties will assure you a seamless honeymoon.



Privacy and space are of paramount importance in The Maldives. If you wake up in your Beach Pool Villa at Six Senses Laamu Resort & Hotel, you will feel like you have the whole island to yourself. Having your very own private garden and infinity pool, your own stretch of beach and no immediate neighbours means that seclusion and solitude are completely guaranteed.

Over Water Villas are almost just as private and provide you with that famous Maldivian experience. These villas are so well equipped with fixtures, fittings, and facilities that I wouldn’t blame a couple if they never ventured out of it. I saw first-hand how easy it would be to become a hermit. Of course, it is recommended that one is more of an itinerant crab as opposed to a hermit crab, as this paradise island has so much to offer.


bikes at six senses laamu in the maldives

Exploring is easy and brisk as guests are provided with their own complimentary bicycles. There is something quite romantically antiquated about cycling as a twosome and in my opinion, much more pleasant than jumping in a golf buggy – sustainability is the way forward here!


chill bar at laamu in the maldives

Intimacy is greatly encouraged at Six Senses Laamu. Highly recommended at sunset, the Chill Bar can be as sociable or as intimate as you want to make it. With panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and islands in the distance, you can perch in the main bar and soak in the last of the evening rays. Larger booths are found here which are just as perfect for couples to share as they are for new friends to sip some sun-downers. If you venture just a few steps down from the main bar, you can also enjoy your own sunset facing cabana or sea hammock that hangs above the eternal turquoise sea.

No Shoes

jetty at laamu in the maldives

Six Senses Laamu Resort has a ‘no shoes, no news’ ethos which is made known straight away. As soon as you step off your boat transfer, you’re provided with a shoe bag and encouraged to kick off your shoes immediately. This underwrites Six Senses’ Robinson Crusoe theme and helps in contributing to the totally relaxed vibe of the island – a true barefoot luxury experience.
But don’t think you’ll have to get your shoes out of your shoe bag for dinner. Dinner of course, lives up to Six Senses’ reputation for high standards, but equally you are welcome to feel the sand between your toes and to un-tuck your shirt (and probably loosen your belt after dessert!)


leaf restaurant in the maldives

‘LEAF’ is my favourite choice out of their three main restaurants and is also Six Senses Laamu’s signature restaurant. LEAF is set amongst tropical vegetation and perched above their organic garden which is full of greens and herbs that will appear in almost every dish you have. Dining on fresh seafood and local cuisine, you will most definitely embark on a journey which excites the senses.

After dinner, amble along the sandy paths to Six Senses’ al fresco Ice Cream and Chocolate Studio where you can enjoy over 45 different flavours of ice cream (including dairy-free), with the selection of choices continually changing – and the best part is, all the ice creams are complimentary!

After leaving the Six Senses Laamu Resort, I felt a great sense of nostalgia, almost a sense of homesickness, for the place. I’ve never felt like that upon leaving any resort before in my life. The impeccable, personal service certainly was the main contributor to my wistfulness but also the sheer beauty of the island and resort will stay with me forever. You’ll never see anything like it again, from the lush, overgrown tropical gardens, to the dolphin pods that swim past you at breakfast, the turquoise sea at sunset and the panoramic canopy of stars that follow.

One thing that I can promise, is that Laamu will tantalise each and every one of your senses, and you will leave wanting more. It truly is the most magical place for any occasion, but especially for the honeymoon of a lifetime.


To hear more from our Holiday Expert Antony about his time at Six Senses Laamu Resort in the Maldives, call him on 01494 678400 or make an enquiry today!



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