November isn’t really the most popular of months for a luxury holiday. Many people are just gearing up for the Christmas season, kids are in school, and it’s relatively rare to get married when the trees are bare but snow hasn’t quite arrived yet. But November is a dull month in the UK, as the weather gets colder, darker, and browner. This means that heading down to the southern hemisphere, where summer is just beginning, can be an amazing choice to escape the poor weather. For couples, the fact that schools are in session is actually a perk, because prices will be cheaper and your chosen resort is less likely to be overrun with restless children. And it’s not quite the Christmas season, when all of the resorts will be full of people looking to escape on their guaranteed week off, so the resorts will be quiet and peaceful.

November is a fantastic month for twin centre destinations …

Makanyane Safari Lodge1. South Africa & the Indian Ocean

South Africa is a holiday dream destination, with almost everything you can imagine going for it. In South Africa, you can go on safari, enjoy a city break, relax by the beach, or indulge in copious amounts of incredible food and wine. After your busy time in South Africa, we recommend heading to the beaches of Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Maldives, gorgeous destinations that will give you the relaxation you need to head back to your daily life.

2. Laos, Cambodia, & Vietnam

Craving an experience completely unlike the one you experience every day? Heading to Asia will give you a fantastic insight into a world very unlike your own. Lyndsey recently had an amazing trip to Indochina, where she sampled for herself the amazing destinations and different way of life that is often experienced in these countries. Plus, East Asia offers quite a bit of history, whether ancient like the Angkor Wat temples or more recent such as the battlefields of the Vietnam War. Stepping back in time is, in many locations, the order of the day.

If you’re after a beach, Vietnam has some excellent choices, and all the resorts we recommend do have a pool for a bit of swimming no matter how far inland you go. Mainly, however, this holiday is for those who are looking forward to exploring another world.

3. Australia

Always an incredible place to visit, the relatively young English speaking nation of Australia is perfect for a November holiday. Just transitioning from spring to summer, the weather is beautiful, and certainly warm enough around the beaches – especially in late November – for some sunbathing. Obviously, Australia is so large that weather will differ depending on where you go, but a large part of the country is hot and dry at this time of year. You can explore the big cities, like Sydney, take a hike on the wild side in fabulous Tasmania (stop by our offices 7:30 pm on July 12th to find out just how fabulous, RSVP [email protected]), or indulge in an array of watersports along with your beachside relaxation. It’s hard to go wrong!

As you can see, luxury holidays in November can turn out to be excellent choices after all! If you’re thinking about travelling this November, just give us a call today – 01494 678 400.


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