Turquoise guide to skinng dipping

Loosen your buttons & shake off your inhibitions…

1. Carefully plan your route from room to beach to ensure no unexpected obstacles get in the way! Pedaloes can cause serious damage.

2. Choose your time of day wisely. Night time is preferable for minimum risk of being spotted and enjoying a starlit swim.

3. To qualify for an official skinny dip success, you must be able to swim a few strokes. So be clever on which part of the water you run/jump into and make sure it’s not too shallow!

4. Breast stroke is the stroke of choice for skinny dipping, it’s much more elegant than a noisy front crawl or an undignified back stroke!

5. Modesty is still required when skinny dipping…make sure you choose a private spot so your dip isn’t confused with a streak.

6. If skinny dipping in public, make sure you leave your belongings and clothes in a safe spot. You wouldn’t want to get caught short in the nude.

7. Depending on where you are in the world, please be aware of the sea life, most notably anything that might sting you in unpleasant places.

8. If skinny dipping during the day, please make sure you have applied a high factor sun cream to all spots which don’t usually see the light of day!

9. Although romantic, holding hands can be quite a hindrance…. especially when getting in/out. Save the romance for later…

10. Don’t get caught!

Photo credit: Grey Malin

James Bell
Written by James Bell
I am one of the founders of the Turquoise Holiday Company, having spent ten years in the ski industry working for Bladon Lines & Inghams. I escaped the mountains to sell desert islands for Turquoise - I love New Zealand and Tasmania not only for their beautiful wines but the scenery and isolation they offer. The future of travel will be who has the keys to the private lands and beaches - the new luxury is not how many stars a hotel has, but how few people you have to share a view or destination with. I love my golf and although I remain a constant under achiever it's the only thing that keeps me from my wife and two children Sophie and Angus, who are named after my Scottish roots. I look after all our Marketing and still love to talk to clients about my travel experiences although our Sales Manager Jonty has tried to ban me from answering the phone!