Our Holiday Specialist, Nick, has just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka.  Here is his return interview, including recommendations on the best things to do and where to go!

nick sigaria rock

What length of time do you recommend for people to see the highlights of Sri Lanka?

It depends how many locations you would like to visit, and there are so many combinations, but I would say to come away feeling like you’ve truly experienced the highlights of Sri Lanka, you should plan at least 10 days in Sri Lanka.

If you had to choose just three areas to see, where would they be?

The Cultural Triangle, The Tea Country and a safari in Yala National Park

trian in sri lanka

To train or not to train?

100% to train!!! I absolutely loved it, way more than I expected too! I was in the first-class cabin but actually spent more time in between the carriages as they open the doors up and you can then really take those views in. It’s incredibly slow and far from ‘luxury’, but it will still probably be the best train journey you ever take, that’s how special the views are!

What was your favourite view?

Oohhhh that’s a tough one, but probably looking across the reservoir and lush green hills from Ceylon Tea Trails.

view from celon

What local food or delicacies do you recommend?

The curry’s (for breakfast, lunch and dinner!) are a must, but the thing I was most impressed by was the seafood, it was fantastic. One meal which really stood out was a tilapia dish cooked with pineapple whilst we were at Gal Oya.

What was your best wildlife experience?

We were lucky enough that just before dinner time at Chena Huts, a huge bull elephant came down to reception. He was incredibly chill and just drank from the pond as we watched in awe a few meters away, that’s something I’ll never forget!

sri lanka elephants

Would you combine Sri Lanka with a beach destination such as the Maldives or just stick to the beaches in Sri Lanka?

This really depends on the route that you’re taking and the time of year you’re going. The Maldives is home to arguably the best beaches on the planet though, so you will never regret taking the extra flight to get there However, if the beach is not a major element to the trip and you just want to relax, unwind and soak up some sun for a few days before having to face reality once again, there are some ideal places and gorgeous beachfront properties in Sri Lanka.

Was there anything which took you by surprise, in a good way, that you weren’t expecting?

The Tea Country. I don’t think I fully understood or appreciated why you would make the journey down considering that it does take a number of hours to get to. Having experienced it though, there’s no way you can’t do it if you have over a week in Sri Lanka. The views are epic, the properties are beautiful and the cultural and historical significance really makes it such a special place to visit.

Weather wise, what’s the best time of year to travel?

Another one with no simple answer I’m afraid. With the changing altitudes there are many microclimates, however the general rule of thumb would be to avoid our autumn time. Personally, I would suggest the start of the year, it’s beautiful in Sri Lanka and cold and dark here!

Which airline do you recommend?

When it comes to flight times and convenience, Sri Lankan Airways would be the winner, it’s also very easy to combine with the Maldives too.

Any other moments which you’ll never forget?

Dining in the middle of a rice paddy field at Kamatha, Ulagalla. The chefs are women from nearby villages that have been cooking these dishes their entire lives. The food was incredible and so plentiful, there were so many dishes, they spent the entire day preparing. It was a such privilege and an unforgettable experience.

sri lanka food

Finally, would you recommend Sri Lanka for a family holiday?

Yes definitely, but not for very young kids, my recommendation would be 8yrs and older.

nick sri lanka

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