Food lovers rejoice! Seekers of spice and travellers of taste, look no further for your next exquisite culinary temptations from around the world.

Nasi Goreng- Bali

This lovely stir-fried rice dish served with fried egg is incredibly versatile. Presented with lots of extras to make it as spicy as you like, Nasi Goreng is delicious served with a variety of meats, tofu or vegetables, so it’s a great dish that can work for anyone with any dietary requirements catered for. Choose ‘Mie Goreng’ for the same flavours but noodles instead of rice.

Hangi Feast- New Zealand

If you want to banquet until the buttons on your trousers ping off, then you cannot beat a Maori Hangi Feast. An expansive variety of meat and vegetables cooked underground, and brought up several hours makes for a great experience to be shared with fellow New Zealand explorers

Lovo- Fiji

Much like the Maori Hangi, this is a very natural and honest way to cook and eat – it’s been done the same way for centuries and you don’t need anything except fire and natural materials. For melt in the mouth meat, ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves for natural seasoning and flavour and a hint of smokiness is added from the wood. Best enjoyed sitting on the ground and eating by hand rather than at a table with a knife and fork. This meal is perfect for having “quality time” with family and your new South Pacific friends!

Jerk Chicken- Jamaica

One of the best-known Caribbean dishes, Jerk Chicken speaks volumes in spicy deliciousness! Jamaican jerk seasoning is made up primarily of dried pimento fruit and peppers, but other ingredients cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and ginger. The flavour is addictive but don’t reserve it just for chicken- pork and fish are incredible with this spice. Serve up with rice and beans and healthy callaloo!

Fish Curry- Sri Lanka

Fish curry is one of the most popular and loved dishes of Sri Lanka, using coconut milk, tangy goraka fruit, chili powder, and a fresh catch of the day. As with other curries, you can enjoy it with rice, traditional hoppers and yoghurt if you’re anti-spice!

sri lanka
S’mores- California

Californians are obsessed with s’mores, from luxury hotels to beachside fire-pits – everyone eats them! You grab a couple of sweet biscuits (any true Californian will know it has to be a Graham Cracker!) and toast a marshmallow over a fire pit. You then sandwich the melting marshmallow between the biscuits along with a chunk of chocolate and hey presto, you have a heavenly treat! You’ll definitely want ‘some more’ (get it?!)

Pad Thai – Thailand

It would be a crime to travel all the way to Thailand without eating their national dish. The flavours in a Pad Thai include stir fried eggs, dried shrimp, garlic, chilli, palm sugar, lime and peanuts. This wonderful mixture is stirred through rice noodles and your choice of meat. Absolutely lip-smacking!

Bobotie –South Africa

This is the classic South African version of our lasagne or shepherd’s pie. Minced meat is mixed with raisins, spices and chutney, and topped with a milk and egg mixture which when baked, forms a wonderful golden topping. Finish your dinner off with a sweet ‘melktert’ pastry dish or if you really want to indulge your sweet tooth, then the fried dough ‘koeksisters’ are a sugary treat!

Pho- Vietnam

Fragrant, fresh, healthy Pho ‘pronounced ‘fur’ by the Vietnamese, is a delight on the occasional rainy day in Vietnam. We enjoyed sipping the broth in a local café listening to a monsoon pelt down on the pavements outside in the beautiful cultural town of Hoi An. Pho is a real Vietnamese comfort dish and made us feel right at home!

Poisson Cru- Tahiti

Poisson Cru is the French Polynesian take on South American ceviche. The raw fish (usually tuna or a similar local species) is marinated and ‘cooked’ in lime juice whilst the coconut milk adds a creamy sweetness and chopped veggies add a crunchy kick. Absolutely delicious and so fresh! Washed down with a local beer, it’s the perfect lunch and slightly addictive! Usually served in coconut shells – this dish looks amazing and tastes divine!


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