When we plan our family holidays, we’re always on the lookout for advice and tips from adults. However, sometimes it’s nice to hear what the kids think, too! After all, we always have them in mind when trying to plan the perfect family holiday. Without further ado, let us introduce Tommy Higgs, the 10-year-old son of our very own South Pacific Product Manager, Suzy Higgs. In a fabulous blog, he tells all about the wonderful time he had at Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives with his family.

When we were told that we were going to the Maldives, my brother, Max, and I were really excited. We started researching Six Senses Laamu and soon realised we were in for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday! Our villa and the whole resort looked absolutely amazing! We were going to stay in a Beach Villa with Pool. We couldn’t wait to go!

How we got there

We took a plane flight from Heathrow airport with Emirates. We stopped in Dubai for a transfer to another plane, a rest and some food. We got on another Emirates plane to Malé and smiled as we felt the warm tropical air on our faces. We then sat in the lounge watching football highlights from quite a few years back before boarding the small domestic flight to the southern atolls. We were then met by lovely people from Six Senses Laamu and whisked off in a speedboat. It was a long journey from Heathrow, but it was definitely worth it!

The Resort

When we arrived at the main jetty, we met some of the very cheerful and kind staff from the resort. They all had big wide grins on their faces. It was very late, so they said we could have pizza in our villa, like a tropical midnight feast! It was a delicious pizza so we couldn’t wait to try the other foods they had to offer. As it was dark when we arrived, we were very excited to see the resort in daylight the next day. In the morning, we woke up to a brilliant blue sky and could see the warm turquoise water from our villa. Our private pool was amazing and so were the bedrooms! We cycled through the resort on the bikes we had been given during our stay. Amazingly colourful tropical plants line the sandy path to the edge of the island, on which some of the villas are based. It was so much fun cycling around and we even had our initials on our bikes!

The Food

We headed down to the overwater restaurant, Longitude, for our first breakfast. We went in and got a table for four. I went down to the breakfast buffet area where the most delicious smell met my nose. I looked around and realised where the smell was coming from… pancakes! I asked the man making them if I could please have one, and he set to work making it. It was fascinating to watch. But instead of making the traditional circular pancake, he made a turtle shape! There was a whole table of fantastic toppings. The breakfast was as amazing as we had expected.

Something that surprised us at the main restaurant were the really cool toilets! As you are doing your business, you can see fish and other sea creatures swimming by because they overlook the ocean. Don’t worry, they are very private! We headed back to our villa to fully inspect it as we had arrived so late the night before. As we were going back to our villa, we saw an ice cream place. We asked the lady running it if we could try some. Amazingly, it was free! It was so delicious and there were so many flavours! At the main pool (called Sip Sip) they have a bar inside and outside of the pool. There are plenty of tables where you can have lunch or a light snack. There are also plenty of sun loungers around the outside of the pool. In the middle of the pool there is a really tall tree on which fruit bats like to hang. At dinnertime, Max and I watched a movie on sun loungers on the sand under the palm trees with pizza and a drink, while our mum and dad ate dinner at Leaf, an incredible Asian restaurant high up in the trees. We were then collected by our GEM (Guest Experience Maker… who are all amazing, by the way!) and taken to Leaf to have dessert with our mum and dad!


We loved swimming in the pool at Sip Sip, but a great place for snorkelling is between the three overwater jetties where you can spot fish and turtles because of the plentiful seagrass. You can also snorkel straight from Chill Bar and you are instantly surrounded by tropical fish, turtles and coral! So incredible! An amazing afternoon was when we had our very own private island experience. I have never seen such beautiful blue water in my life. Another great experience is the Eco-Tour, a ‘backstage’ tour in which you get to visit the desalination plant, which produces water for showers and drinking. They also show you how they bottle the still and sparkling water for use in the resort.

So, that was our fabulous Maldives holiday! I really recommend Six Senses Laamu to everyone, as honeymooners will feel like they are in paradise and families love it because there is so much that the kids can do while the adults enjoy a fabulously relaxing spa massage or go to the gym You can have lots of fun together on the beach, in the sea or by the pool, too. The Kids’ Club is a fun place to hang out and chat to the carers. We even got a henna tattoo! At Laamu, there is plenty of space on the island for everyone!


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