On my most recent trip to the Maldives, I was lucky enough to visit The Nautilus, a new family-orientated island with a unique concept that hasn’t been seen in the Maldives before. I was completely struck by what an incredible choice it is for families. Here’s why…

The rooms

Often we find that families struggle when it comes to accommodation in the Maldives, whether it be because room occupancies are too low, or the rooms themselves are just too small. At The Nautilus, every one of the 26 Beach & Ocean Houses easily accommodate two adults and two children – they’re huge, all with separate living rooms, which are perfect for kids of all ages. Not only this, they all feature their own private pools, so you can easily relax knowing your little ones are always within view.

The menus (or lack of)

The Nautilus has a uniquely unscripted concept, which is really noticeable in their restaurants. Although there are menus, the island team like a challenge, so anything goes. This is perfect for families, especially as we all know that when children get a meal they fancy in their heads, it’s hard to persuade them otherwise! So while you can enjoy Japanese fusion food at Ocaso, if the kids want good old ‘spag bol’, they’ve got you covered.

The quality ‘time’

Time is seen as a barrier at The Nautilus, so therefore you’ll find no clocks around the island. While this may be difficult to get your head around at first, the real aim here is to free guests from the constraints that bind them in everyday life, so they can be completely free to do as they please, at any time of day. For a family, time is what creates your routine – it determines when you take the kids to school, their bedtimes, mealtimes and everything in between. But imagine what happens when you take that routine away – you’re left with just quality time to do as you please. If the children want to head out on jet skis, explore the kids’ club or go snorkelling, as a parent you’re free to simply say ‘yes’. In our opinion, that’s pretty special!

The Nautilus is the perfect option for families looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Maldives – it’s an island experience like no other.

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