To the amusement of many family and friends I arrived on Safari at Ol Seki.  Very excited but a little apprehensive, bugs and tents are my worst nightmare!  As I arrive at the air strip I am greeted by my driver who asked me if I need the toilet handing me a toilet roll and pointing to the bush.  I declined and panicked slightly vowing not to use a Bush Toilet during my stay!!

The drive to Ol Seki Mara Camp in the heart of the Eastern Koiyaki takes around 1 hour depending on stops so your experience starts straight away. The wildebeests, zebra, giraffe and impala are all around and soon I forget my nerves and spend the next 48 hours in awe.  I arrive at the camp to be met by Kiko who takes me to my Nina suite which is beautiful, light, spacious, hot water on demand everything you could possible ask for and the bed was super comfy.  The afternoons at the camp start with lunch and a glass of wine or 2 and then time to relax for a couple of hours.  You can either retreat to your tent and enjoy the views from your deck or head to the library and get comfy on the sofas.  At 4pm it’s time to go on a “real” game drive, we have the sundowner box packed and we are on the hunt for my favourite animals, the elephants.  I was not disappointed, a herd of 32 appear in front of us, the youngest about 18 months old.  Apparently over 1 year and they can no longer walk under their mother’s stomach.  I have shivers down my spine as we move off and come across 6 young male lions, one decides to show off and chase a warthog family but luckily they get away and the babies live to see another day.

There are 2 migrations which take place from June onwards, one is the animals moving around the Mara and the other the wildebeests from Tanzania.  The smaller migration is well under way and the groups of wildebeest and zebra are ever increasing.  If you see cows you see wildebeest, because they know it is safe as the lions don’t like the sound of the cow bells.  Sunset is watched out with some snacks and a drink as the giraffe and wildebeest wonder around you.  They are starting to gather now for safety in numbers as the lions and other predators wake up and start to feel hungry!

Before we head back to camp we see plenty more hippo and their resident crocodile, I am feeling brave after my local beer and hop out to take a closer look,antelope, monkeys, buffalo and even a black mamba snake.  Very pleased to be in the land rover at that point!!

Your Safari experience is so much more than just the animals.  We meet for drinks by the fire before dinner and the sky is so clear I have never seen so many or such bright stars.  One of them looks orange and turns out to be Saturn.  Dinner is served in the mess and we decide to head out again when we are finished to see what is around, luckily I didn’t see a kill although it is common.

Masai Welcome

Days start early and end early, I retire to my tent to find a hot water bottle in my bed, I didn’t find it cold but a nice touch and very cosy.  As I listen to the crickets the noises change as the leaves are moving and there is a rumble, it’s ok it’s only the elephants passing through!!  I am safe in the knowledge that the Chief from the local Masai Village is the night guard.  A visit to their village and receiving a traditional welcome by the Masai Women is a must.  The camp work really closely with the village to the benefit of both sides.  Thanks to Ol Seki they now have a clean water supply.

Tomorrow is another day and I can’t wait to see what it brings.  Watch this space for day 2 of my Safari Experience….


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