With such drastic news floating around the world, how about something to really take your mind off things especially with the Romantic Month of February coming up (why is it the shortest month then?) and of course Valentines Day !

Here at Garonga we really intend to make your Honeymoon something so special, which of course it is!

When you arrive in your room, there waiting to be consumed/celebrated, is a small bottle of Bubbly to get you in the mood.

Over your stay just consider an open air Bush Bath (decorated with candles and lamps) following your afternoon Game Drive, followed by a Private Dinner on the lower deck – nothing can be more romantic, although you may beg to differ.

Going up one notch in the ladder how about a sleep out in the Bush up on a tree Platform Deck.  You will be totally on your own!  You are 25 minutes away from the camp in the most idyllic location looking down on to the whole Reserve and with the Mountains as a back drop.  You also overlook a waterhole from where the animals do sometimes come and drink.  The format is: you get dropped off there on your afternoon Safari, and before it gets dark, so you can see what is around you.  The beds are made up under a large mosquito net. On the main deck, one step below, is the dining deck which is much larger.  Your table is all set up.  The Guide will then set up the dinner and show you where all the food is kept and leave you to have a fantastic dinner on your own in the Bush.  You select which drinks you want before departing from the Camp.  This is then brought with you.  The deck is lighted with paraffin lamps and you also have a torch and a radio for “Just in Case”.  You are then left alone to your own devices by the Guide and he will collect you in the morning on the Game Drive.  Obviously if it rains or you feel uncomfortable then the Guide will come and collect you  ……… it will take 25 minutes!

This is a truly magical experience and something to recount to your Grandchildren!

That’s not all.  Imagine a lunch picnic up in a tree with big cushions to lie on and a gorgeous picnic hamper and drinks there waiting for you.  It is right next to the main Camp and so you walk down there escorted.  Quite often you will see animals, small and large around there as it is close to the waterhole.

It’s still not all!  Last, but by no means least, how about a relaxing massage from Charlene (I was sacked from this due to my hairy legs!).  We also offer a 45 minute massage each.  It is well worth having and such a relaxing experience.  It could change your life forever.

That is it!  All the above complimentary to you for wishing you a great Honeymoon at Garonga!

Of course there is more to Garonga as well such as the delicious food, great Game drives or walks and you can also even sleep in.  Do what you like!


We are still in Summer and it can rain now and again.  We do have a same day laundry service (complimentary of course) and so you don’t have to bring loads with you.

Day Time:  Shorts, soft cotton shirts or T shirts, sandals, flip flops or walk bear foot as we have really cooling stone floors in the main lounge.  We have a great swimming pool so don’t forget the “Cozzie” – it’s not heated but a really refreshing temperature for those hot days and nights.  Swim day or night, in between meals, during meals – whenever you like.

Afternoon/Evening:  There is the occasional mozzie that strays into our Camp and so best to spray before the afternoon Game drive and before dinner.  Wear pretty much the same as during the day or the Kikois we put on the end of the beds.  For those more concerned with mozzies, then long sleeve shirts, and cotton trousers.  They will still get you!  So spray up.

Dinner: We are very casual.


Please wear neutral colours:  no whites or reds or anything too bright.  Shorts and a short sleeved shirt and sandals are fine IF you are not walking.  If you intend to walk then good trainers or walking shoes are needed.

Extra:  Sometimes we get caught out and so bring a fleece/jersey for early morning and late afternoons (and particularly in Winter).  Waterproof jacket would be very handy – we do have them for safaris but they are quite cumbersome.  Certainly a hat, sunglasses and loads of the Amber Nectar Sun Cream.

I think that just about covers it.  We really look forward to welcoming you on your Honeymoon which no doubt will have been fantastically organized for you by Turquoise Holidays.

Our record for Honeymooners is 100% – no divorces or separations yet!  In fact we have many proposing and getting married as well or coming back to renew their vows some years later.

Go well!!

Best wishes


To plan a trip to Garonga please call one of our Africa specialists on 01494 678400. For more information about the camp then please click on the link below:



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