Bora Bora in Tahiti has been declared the world’s most beautiful island by some, and the world’s most romantic by others, and at Turquoise we agree with both sentiments wholeheartedly.

With volcanoes, mountains, and a huge blue lagoon revealing an astonishing array of colourful coral reefs and islets, it is pretty much as close to Eden as anywhere possibly can be. Perhaps that’s why the literal translation of Bora Bora is ‘first born’.

Tear yourself away from your overwater villa and tick off our list of top ten things to do in Bora Bora.

1. Enjoy the stunning views in Bora Bora

As you arrive into Bora Bora don’t close your eyes for a moment – not even to blink if you can help it – because the vision that will greet you as you fly into Bora Bora Airport on Motu Meete from Papeete will stay with you forever. Your onward journey by speedboat is simply the icing on the cake.

2. Swim with Manta Rays in Bora Bora

Ray feeding is famous thanks to the proliferation of Manta Rays, Eagle Rays and Stingrays which will happily swim right up to you while you snorkel in the coral gardens.

3. Take a Lagoon Tour

Make sure you have your camera at the ready and your memory card clear, because the ever changing views of Mt Otemanu from the lagoon will simply blow your mind.

4. Snorkel with tropical fish

The white sandy beaches of Bora Bora’s beautiful motus (the islets that surround the lagoon) are the perfect base for discovering the underwater coral and dazzling tropical fish that live within the lagoon. The motus are all privately owned so you will need a guide, but the local knowledge is worth every penny of a half day trip by boat.

5. Gaze in sheer wonder at Matira Beach

Bora Bora’s most loved beach. Enjoy long sandy dunes that slope gently into the lagoon, warm turquoise water for swimming, shaded palm trees, and beautiful sunsets. Enough said.

6. Swim with the sharks

OK, so you might find the idea daunting but trust us, it is perfectly safe, and you will never again have anything but respect and awe for these graceful creatures as they swim far, far below you in the crystal clear depths.

7. Eat traditional Tahitian food

Cocktails and fish for breakfast? Your palate will zing with happiness over the flavours of Poisson Cru (marinated raw fish with fresh coconut milk and lime). Washed down with a Pina Colada or two, of course, regardless of the time of day. That’s the privilege that comes with being on holiday on Bora Bora.

8. Take a 4WD tour of the island

It ‘s easy to spend all your time on the lagoon, but to do so would mean missing out on the island’s fascinating US WWII history, village culture, rugged terrain and stunning flora. Not forgetting the visit to the pearl farm for some all-important research (see point ten).

9. Parasail over the island

If you thought your flight into Bora Bora was something else, just wait until you parasail over Matira Beach with turtles, rays and sharks below and islets as far as the eye can see, dwarfed by mountains beyond. Wow.

10. Buy a Black Pearl

Invest in a black pearl for your loved one and she will always remember what we promise will be the most perfect holiday of your lives.  It has long been known that the Islands of Tahiti are the best in the world to find black pearls, entirely due to the perfect conditions, temperature and light in which they cultivate. Each is unique in size, colour and shape, choose yours from one of the many beachfront merchants, in your resort shop or for the most authentic experience, visit one of the many family run farms hovering on stilts above the lagoons.

Ready to get going?

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