In the mornings, I listen to the radio and, without fail, always hear at least three adverts from other holiday companies mentioning their latest offers. It always gets me thinking about the company I work for, and how booking with Turquoise nearly always wins out for me. So, I was inspired to put together what I call ‘The Turquoise Touch’, which covers the five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste – and how we combine them to make a winning combination.

‘Sound’ – We listen

One of the most important things we do here at Turquoise is listen to you. The first thing we want to hear is what you want from your holiday. Not us, not your friend down the road – you. One size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why you will never see any specific packages on our website. Sure, there are some example itineraries, to give you some travel inspiration, but each and every one of our holidays is tailor-made, and that starts with the client. One person might really value a traditional hotel with excellent service, while another might be after a boutique hotel that acts as more of a base than a resort. It’s not uncommon for us to spend half an hour on the phone with our clients, simply listening to their priorities, so we can create the perfect trip for them.

‘Sight’ – We’ve seen it

This is something I believe is crucial to what we do here at Turquoise and is actually relatively unique. As a rule, every single property we feature has been visited by at least one person in the company, and has been evaluated based on our beliefs of what a hotel should be like. Every resort has its own reason for being in our portfolio – we want to send our clients to places that offer luxury, a sense of place, something unique and great food and service. If we feel a hotel is too big and impersonal, lacks atmosphere, or doesn’t quite feel ‘Turquoise’, we don’t feature it, no matter its star rating. It’s as simple as that! We also keep on top of this as well, so if things start to slip, we act. For me, having this comfort and reassurance is gold when booking a holiday, and so many of our clients find this invaluable.

‘Touch’ – It’s personal

We genuinely care about each and every one of our clients and I feel we really show this throughout the booking process. From the hand-written notes that come with our confirmation documents (yes, that’s all us), to regularly checking in with you before and after you travel, we want to make sure you have everything you need, and all of your questions are answered. Admittedly, we are never going to be able to beat some of the online agents when it comes to price alone, but the difference between arriving at a hotel as a number, and arriving at the same hotel as a Turquoise guest can make all the difference to a holiday. With us, staff know who you are (we’ve often put in a word to the general managers ourselves that you’re arriving), they know if you’re celebrating (hello honeymoon set-up), and you’re already clued up on the best aspects of the resort. We go the extra mile for all of our clients, and I think this sets us apart from the rest.

‘Taste’ – It’s all about the fizz

Picture this – you’re looking to book your honeymoon, the most special trip of your life, and you have the choice of a) trawling the internet alone or b) sitting in a cosy office, with champagne in hand, and a specialist at your fingertips. While we book a lot of our trips over the phone, we love to meet our clients and we always encourage you to come in and visit us! We always have our fridges stocked with Pol Roger champagne, so come in, have a glass (or two) of bubbly, and allow us to assist with your next trip!

‘Smell’ – bringing Turquoise home

The Turquoise experience doesn’t stop when you arrive back from your holiday. We’ve been known to send out mini Christmas trees, orchids, and roses to our clients, as well as luxury candles, lotions and even biscuits! We do this so that your home can not only smell beautiful, but you’re reminded fondly of your past trips with us, many of which will have created unforgettable memories. We don’t forget about you when you’re back in the often ‘dreary’ UK, and with your permission, if we get a ‘whiff’ of a good deal we’ll be sure to tell you!


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