Safari beach is our most popular twin centre honeymoon and quite rightly so! It combines romance, adventure and relaxation in delicious portions. Turquoise traditionally prefers to suggest that you do the safari element second, mainly because you will be more relaxed and acclimatised and very importantly, you will also be less tired (safaris do mean early starts) ..don’t underestimate how much your wedding will take out of you! But saying that, there seems to be a growing trend towards doing the safari first! So there are arguments both ways! We do happily create some amazing safari beach honeymoons with the safari experience first – it really just depends on how much relaxation you feel you will need immediately after the wedding!

Turquoise can make your safari as adventurous as you would like but do remember that the more remote your safari camp, the more likely it will be ‘under canvas’ and possibly with a bucket or bush shower. That said, nothing quite compares with the authenticity of a tented safari camp in Kenya or Tanzania – in an absolutely stunning location, within close proximity of some of the most amazing wildlife viewing you could ever imagine. However, if a plunge pool, claw foot bath, and luxury lodge with proper walls is more appealing, then we would be inclined to steer you towards South Africa. It boasts a superb array of truly romantic and very elegant luxury lodges …..all very intimate, and all with memorable wildlife experiences.

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Then there’s the difficult question – how much should I spend? Well, the truth is, all the camps and lodges we recommend start from around £300 per person per night – but remember that your safari experience includes everything from game drives, bush walks, all meals and more often than not, all drinks too (except Champagne and top shelf spirits) ….You can expect at least two game drives a day – one very early in the morning with a stop in the African bush for morning tea …and one in the late afternoon with a stop at dusk for ‘sundowners’ as you watch the sun set over the African horizon (night drives are also available at many lodges – ideal for those seeking a nocturnal experience). Turquoise has negotiated some very special offers at some of our favourite game lodges and safari camps – including an exclusive ‘Bride Goes Free’ offer at certain times of the year.

We recommend you spend at least 3 nights on safari (preferably 4 nights – allowing you time to relax and enjoy the wilderness setting) with a maximum of 5 nights.

Where to stay – and which countries to combine for your safari / beach honeymoon – is a question we can only really answer once we’ve spoken to you and ascertained your needs. As a general rule of thumb, our three most popular combinations tend to be : South Africa and glorious Mauritius, Kenya and mystical Zanzibar – and Tanzania with Zanzibar ….with South Africa and Mauritius providing the ultimate ‘luxury’ lodge experience whilst Kenya and Tanzania combine the authenticity and romance of East Africa ‘under canvas’ with the Swahili chic of Zanzibar. It is also worth noting that some of the safari lodges in South Africa, located in regions such as the Madikwe, are malaria free – which can be a real plus for some honeymooners (Makanyane in the Madikwe is a real such favourite – and very romantic). For an off-the-beaten track beach experience, Mozambique is Africa’s rising star …and also combines perfectly with a South African safari lodge.

If you are looking to stretch your budget even further, think Botswana and the incredible Okavanga Delta, combined possibly with the Kalahari Desert.

Most importantly, always remember that anything is possible, with the only constraints being your time and budget, not our imagination. The safari team at Turquoise have found the most idyllic locations to provide you with that ultimate ‘Out of Africa’ honeymoon experience ….so you can both sit back and dream of those long African evenings by a crackling fire with long drinks and talk of wild animals.


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