Imagine the ocean sparkling blue,
A never ending horizon in front of you…
Warm soft sand between your toes,
Breathe in the sunshine through your nose,
The familiar rustle of palms in the breeze
Allow your whole body to relax and ease.

Each island is unique in its own special way,
Make sure you escape and spend a day…
Or two meeting the locals and discovering the key
To the islands culture, beauty and philosophy,
Some are granitic and some coraline,
But the sand is always white, pure and fine,

Arrive on Mahe Island where the Seychellois reside,
Could you meet a nicer people, up to you to decide…
Stunning beaches and rock formations fringe its coast,
The Banyan Tree is the perfect place for most,
Boasting impeccable service and tastefulness throughout,
Your stay will be filled with memories, there is no doubt

Desroches Island is truly paradise on earth,
From the moment you arrive, you realise it’s worth,
A community of many make the island come alive,
For culture, sustainability and quality they do strive,
Relax and unwind, meet the Giant Tortoise George,
Visit the spa, Dive or fish, the choice is endless and yours!

Experience both the flora and the fauna on display,
On Praslin Island… only fifteen minutes from Mahe,
Home of the famous Coco de Mer bean,
As well as the finest beaches the world has ever seen,
Rest your head at Constance Lemuria beach resort,
The finest on the Island, to leave you’ll be distraught,

Whether on honeymoon, with family or travelling in a two,
The Seychelles has everything to offer for you,
To paint a picture of the experience is an impossible task,
The islands beauty and culture is hard to grasp
So there’s only one thing for it, no time for regrets
Plan your trip to The Seychelles its one you won’t forget!


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