The myth of an elsewhere, where time stands still, is what every couple dreams of for their honeymoon. Waking up to the sound of the trade winds and the scent of gardenia flowers, and casting your eye across the crystal clear waters of a lagoon from the terrace of your bungalow, Tahiti and Her Islands offers to make this dream come true.

Reserved for romance in the middle of the South Pacific ocean more than 5,000 miles from the nearest continent (Australia), few would guess that Tahiti and her surrounding islands
cover an area the same size as Europe. There are 118 islands to be exact, each with its own unique landscape, from green volcanic mountains to glittering turquoise coral atolls, and with many of the isles populated by just a few hundred, or even tens of people, they remain one of the few veritable preserved paradises left on the planet.

Island Hopping

Tahiti has long been a popular destination for honeymooners, and it is still one of the top ten choices for romance, but discerning couples are increasingly turning to Tahiti’s attractive
neighbours for privacy, natural wonders and an untouched feel. Take for example Moorea Island, 17km from Tahiti, a mecca for watersports enthusiasts and anyone brave enough to swim with sharks (little ones, don’t worry). Or further afield, there’s Huahine, a wild and magical island 175km west of Tahiti, with secretive traditions that are still very much alive today. There’s also Taha’a, a scented paradise overflowing with vanilla plantations, and the Tuamotu Archipelago, a cluster of more than 80 charming frangipani-covered coral
islands. But let us not forget the ever-beautiful island of Bora Bora, which has long been a favourite for a romantic and exotic honeymoon.

Tahiti’s islands are extraordinarily diverse – some have vertiginous emerald mountains and waterfalls, others have pink sand beaches and ancient thatched villages. The good news is,
hopping from one island to another couldn’t be easier. With regular inter-island flights and short journey times, many islands are just minutes from one another.

Where To Stay

Thanks to their astounding natural beauty, Tahiti and Her Islands are home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and spas and there are dozens of idyllic hideaways to choose
from. We have unrivalled knowledge of the area, and when it comes to designing honeymoons in the South Pacific, we’ll be happy to advise you on everything from legalising your vows, to pin-pointing the chicest resorts, and helping you decide which island – or combination of islands – best suit you.

What to Do

Visiting Tahiti and Her Islands isn’t just about hopping and downing towels on ever-more picturesque white-sand beaches. There’s masses of other things to see and do during your stay. Diving and snorkelling are a must. There are only a handful of other places in the world where you can see such a wide variety of sealife including dolphins, manta ray and turtles.
Surfing is the number one pastime for Tahiti’s young people and the best spots are on Tahiti and Moorea. Heard of the legendary ‘Teahupoo wave’? It’s one of the biggest and most difficult waves to surf in the world and it attracts the top names in pro surfing every May during the Billabong Pro. Why not have a joint surf lesson? You can nurse each other’s bruises later on.

Hire traditional Polynesian-style kayaks (called pirogues) and explore your island retreat at a relaxed pace – a great way to spend time together and work on your tan! Hit dry land and explore Tahiti’s Robert Wan Pearl Museum, dedicated to the mesmerising black pearl. You can learn all there is to know about the beautiful orbs and of course, buy a few pretty souvenirs to take home.

Book a private picnic on an deserted paradise island. It’s just you, your beloved and the natural elements.


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