We’ve received the exciting news that William and Catherine, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are at this very moment enjoying their honeymoon in the Seychelles. This was officially confirmed by the Seychelles tourist board yesterday as the royal couple touched down in Mahe before heading to another island. Clarence House have also confirmed that they have left on their honeymoon, though we still don’t know where precisely they are – and to be honest, I think they prefer it that way!

Seychelles was one of our top choices when we speculated on where the royal couple might be going way back when they announced their engagement and has been on the shortlist the entire time. That’s because it genuinely is a fantastic place for honeymoons, with perfect white sand beaches and endless blue sky, plus gorgeous weather all year round. We send couples there throughout the year and invariably they come back refreshed and relaxed, having had an amazing time snorkelling, sunning, and indulging.

william and kate wedding programme

We’re not surprised that they’ve chosen the Seychelles for personal reasons either. Their famed reconciliation happened at Desroches and we know that they’re interested in wildlife and conservation. If they haven’t gone back to Desroches, we speculate that they may have gone to North Island, as that is certainly where we would recommend they honeymoon!

Why North Island? It is quite simply the best choice for a royal couple in a number of ways. For one thing, it is a private luxury island – surely a must for the royal couple – and will treat them precisely like the royalty they are. The island was formerly uninhabited for 30 years and is now a true eco-tourism hideaway with maximum revenue, minimum impact tourism. This means that the island’s natural habitats benefit from the tourism programme but are affected as little as possible. There are five members of staff for each guest, meaning each and every need you may have is fulfilled as smoothly as possible.

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There are few places worldwide that can match North Island for Robinson Crusoe luxury. Since we already know the royal couple want as much privacy as possible, it only makes sense for them to head to an island where there are so few other people. They’ll be treated with the greatest luxury, but will be able to escape the crowds of their every day lives – a true must for a properly romantic royal honeymoon.

We suspect we won’t find out where they’ve gone for sure until they return, but we are eagerly awaiting the news! In the meantime, we invite you to request our new Honeymoon Ideas book, where not only North Island is featured but a whole range of honeymoon possibilities, with the best tips, advice, and planning we and our expert authors can offer. This nearly 300 page resource is available on our main site, so please go ahead and request today!


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