Mat Robar grew up in Ohio and moved to the sunny shores of San Diego in 2016. The Pure Project Brewing Company was founded with his friend Jesse Pine, who had been living in Costa Rica and had been inspired by the up and coming beer market there. With brew master Winslow Sawyer, ‘Born in the tropics…brewed in San Diego’ was created, and Mat explains why Pure Project’s ethos and creativity makes them a stand out company.

Can you tell us about the business and how it’s been received? What is the motto of your business?

We opened in January 2016 and people have been responding really well to what we’re doing. People like the fact that we’ve approached our brewing process as something which is agricultural rather than industrial. We want our beer to be seen as an art form, using seasonal fruits and changing the product every couple of months to keep things fresh and exciting for customers- dragon fruit ale for example! We want to create a reverence for beer like wine has – every beer should tell a story.

Our beer is sold out of a small factory in Miramar and we have sent our beer further afield to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Arizona, and in Europe to Berlin and Copenhagen. We want to be a San Diego brewery with a global outlook.

Most importantly, we work and support local farms and farmers and we want to keep them updated, we want to give back to both the environment and local community, we want to brew in the cleanest way possible using the best ingredients and leaving out the nasty chemicals.

Do you support any charities or organisations?

Absolutely, we’re a member of 1% for the planet meaning one percent of our sales will go directly to local environmental initiatives. We work with the San Diego coast keeper and Surfrider to help clean up our coastline and conserve our water. We also support Outdoor Outreach which is a great programme connecting our young people with the great outdoors.

How has San Diego changed as a destination when it comes to beer culture?

There are over 150 breweries in San Diego and the craft beer scene is massive. This new beer culture has brought a lot of people to San Diego who might not have considered the city in the past. The scene has brought a lot of creativity but the downside of course is the competition!

Do you host many beer festivals/take part?

Beer festivals are incredibly beneficial for our brand, we get the word out and interact with locals so it’s the perfect opportunity for us to promote Pure Project. The next one is the San Diego International Beer Festival on the 15th-17th June which we’re really excited about!

What is your favourite spot in San Diego to enjoy your favourite beer?

Anywhere looking out over the ocean with a Pure Project beer in hand. And my favourite beer? It’s a hard choice but I loved the Roses Red which is a Belgian sour beer with a fruity hint and aged in French oak barrel.

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