Now is the time to start planning your summer holidays, especially if you have children in tow and need to book everything, including your time off, well in advance to guarantee your spot. July is a hugely popular holiday month. It’s perfect for school holidays and many people are just ready for that midyear break from work and obligations. You’ll find that many family resorts are booked up very quickly in this month, which is why it’s important to get booking as soon as possible to optimise your chances of getting the sort of holiday you want.

There are a number of places which are just perfect for a July holiday. In the northern hemisphere, we’re in the middle of a glorious summer, and plenty of destinations across the world are still really looking incredible even if they’re technically in winter. Our top three recommendations, broadly, are Africa, Indonesia, and the South Pacific. Families with kids will find that Mauritius is another great choice, as it’s a very family friendly island. You may find it’s a bit busy, but will have a lot of activities on to distract the kids and give you a little bit of romantic time as well. Choose your accommodation wisely and you shouldn’t have a concern.

July is a great time for safaris in part because the annual wildebeest migration across the Serengeti will be beginning. The animals are just starting to arrive in Kenya, which makes this the perfect start for safaris across the region as the wildebeest venture across Tanzania. While you’re not going to be incredibly warm in Africa – these countries are entering their winter – temperatures will still be nice and in fact the absence of spring and summer growth makes it a lot easier to see the animals.

Don’t worry about bringing children along on your safari, either; many safari lodges cater to children and seeing these animals can be an incredible experience for your kids. Be sure you specify that you are bringing the kids along in your quote request. The whole time out will be something that they’ll never forget, especially if your child is already an animal lover.

July is also great for Indonesia, more specifically Bali. Bali is nicknamed as ‘The Island of the Gods’ and is now known for the exceptional value for money offered across the exclusive boutique properties scattered along this incredible island. Bali also has a unique character all its own, with many resorts and villas dedicated to lovely individual designs or quirky, funky edgy styles. It’s perfectly suited to younger couples and honeymooners, with a variety of fun nightclubs and incredible restaurants. The country also has many traditions in which you are welcomed to take part, like dancing, handicrafts, and art.

Last on the list is the South Pacific. A set of incredibly beautiful beach destinations, these are so worth the effort and the jetlag of actually getting to them. Since they are at least a day’s flight away from the UK, though, we probably wouldn’t recommend taking the kids unless they’re a bit older and can handle the extra flight time. These islands are amazing cultural destinations as well as gorgeous beach destinations; many parts of the islands have been left mainly untouched by modern hands so you can spend a large amount of your time soaking up that Robinson Crusoe feeling or bouncing over to meet some people at a local village.

July is a great month for a luxury holiday! If you’re thinking about getting away in the summer months, give us a call today on 01494 678 400 so we can discuss your requirements with you; alternatively, enquire online on our  website.


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