We get lots of queries from our Turquoise Honeymooners about our gift list service. We have put together our ‘Gift List Etiquette 101’ to address the most commonly googled questions about setting up a honeymoon gift list:

What are honeymoon gift lists?

Your wedding guests will be wishing you both well on your special day and of course it’s completely optional for them to give you a gift. Across many cultures, most wedding guests will want to give a little something to their friends getting married and the best way to organise this is through setting up a honeymoon gift list!


How does a honeymoon gift list work?

At Turquoise, we will select gifts matching your destination and the hotels you will be staying at. You will then be able to personalise your gift list by selecting amazing experiences to really make your honeymoon special. If you want to get creative, then you can easily use our ‘create your own gift’ option and add anything you like! Once your guests have started contributing, simply give us a call and we can start booking your honeymoon activities.

Are honeymoon gift lists rude?

This one is completely personal and will be down to how traditional you are! The fact is now, the majority of couples are living together before getting married, so asking for traditional wedding presents (such as household items) can often seem quite irrelevant. If any of your guests think it’s rude to ask for a contribution towards a safari over a saucepan, then let them think that! In our eyes your honeymoon is one of the most important holidays you will ever have together as a couple. The Gift List enables your wedding guests to contribute towards an experience which will actually mean something. You’re going on your honeymoon anyway, but what’s going to make it really special? Those thoughtful extras from your loved ones to give you the trip of a lifetime and experiences you will remember forever! If saucepans are your thing however… feel free to add these instead!

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Should I send my honeymoon gift list to evening guests?

Again, this one is completely down to you, but the majority of wedding guests are really happy to give a little something towards their friends’ honeymoon. There is no pressure on people to contribute a specific amount- just make it clear to your guests how grateful you both are for any amount which has been contributed!

What to put on my honeymoon gift list?

Anything you like but within reason pricewise… if you’ve got something on there at a high price then break it down to make it more affordable for your guests. In the past I have found wedding guests love to contribute towards an experience which is really meaningful- such as hot air balloon safari or romantic dinner. If your guests know you both well enough then they will know what you’ll love!

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When to send my honeymoon gift list?

The majority of guests don’t start contributing until around a month in advance of your wedding day. However, wedding invitations need to go out far in advance and we provide little gift list cards which can slot in easily to your invitations. These explain how the whole process of the gift list works to your wedding guests and it gives them more time to contribute. We can get your complimentary gift list set up on the same day you have booked your honeymoon!

We hope this answers any questions, but if not please do get in touch and we would adore to help!


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