Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world and, with a vast selection of turquoise fringed beaches, majestic mountains and luxury resorts, it is the perfect location for a romantic getaway, a wedding abroad or, perhaps, a Hawaiian honeymoon.

Here are 5 of the most romantic things to do on these islands that are guaranteed to inspire and transform your honeymoon in Hawaii into something truly unforgettable:

Ride the Road to Hana

Wind down the windows, play some relaxing music and enjoy a drive through the wonders of this winding stretch of highway that connects Kahului with Hana in Eastern Maui. The road is set amongst fantastic scenery, with sparkling ocean and lush, tropical rainforest lining it for most of the 52 meandering miles and the dazzling array of colours that you are surrounded by as you drive is truly mesmerizing.

At the very end of the road to Hana lie the Ohe’o Gulch or ‘Seven Sacred Pools’, a series of bright blue pools and waterfalls that sit within the beautiful Haleakala National Park. Rest from the road here together, stop talking and simply listen to the calming sounds of running water and the rainforest.

Watch the sun rise from the summit of Haleakala

Whilst in the vicinity of the Haleakala National Park, you cannot miss the opportunity to watch the sun rise from the summit of Haleakala, which is around 3000 meters above sea level. The early start is completely worth it as you are treated to the most spectacular bursts of colour rippling across the sky, erupting and melting into one another before your very eyes. Don’t rush. The show continues well beyond the sun has risen as the dawn begins to take shape. Take time to simply sit with each other and take in the magical experience, neither of you will ever forget it.

Swim with Sharks

The waters surrounding the islands of Hawaii are teaming with a plethora of fascinating wild life and there is nothing more thrilling than sharing an up-close-and-personal experience with one of the giants of the deep. If you have scuba qualifications, then there are multiple opportunities to get under the water alongside a qualified guide but if you don’t have the certificates, not to worry, you can be immersed in the crystal clear blue waters within the safety of a cage and whilst breathing through a snorkel. Hold each other’s hands and go nose to nose with a hammerhead, or maybe even a great white. This would be a honeymoon experience like no other.

Hop between islands on a private sailboat

If the thought of taking a dip beneath the surface of the ocean is not really your style, then perhaps you would prefer to sail peacefully on top of it. With six unique islands to Explore, Hawaii is the perfect location in which to rent a sailboat and drift slowly from one to another. What could be more romantic than resting atop the deck of your private boat, driven and navigated by your own crew, there is no need to do anything other than enjoy each other’s company as you take in the spectacular scenery and soak up the warm sunshine, Hawaiian cocktail in hand.

Enjoy a couple’s massage in the open air

There are a number of high quality spas all over Hawaii that offer relaxing massages for two as well as a range of other treatments that will ensure you both head home feeling refreshed and invigorated. The Fairmont Orchid hotel on Hawaii’s big island boasts a ‘spa without walls’ which is just one example of the wonderful selection of unique treatment spaces on these islands. Allow the warm sea breeze to surround you or listen to the soothing sounds of falling water as you enjoy your treatment in one of the private waterfall huts, what could be more romantic than that?

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