Australia’s coastline measures in at more than 22,000 mils and that’s before  you take into consideration the 14,000-plus miles that circumnavigate its islands. In short, we are talking an awful lot of sand, sea and surf, not to mention many a beach featuring in the world’s top 100. It is this coastline that draws the majority of visitors, but Australia is not a place for lying on a lounger. Aussies have an innate get-up-and-go attitude, and once it is here, it becomes contagious. This is the great outdoors – an authentic adventure, Aussie-style.

Where was Blue Planet Filmed?

25th June 2018
by James Bell

If like me and my eight year old son you have been watching the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 series with wonder and awe, you may well feel compelled to explore the amazing underwater world beneath the surface of the waves. The Bell family have now literally reached the stage where we are sitting on the […]

Surrounded by stillness: The Australian Wilderness is calling you

11th April 2018
by Rachel Gleave

The Outback remains one of Australia’s most intriguing and mystical landscapes. Where once it was regarded as hostile and unforgiving, today a visit to the outback brings an opportunity to taste Australia’s pioneering spirit. In stark contrast to the vast emptiness of the never-never, Australia’s ancient rainforests shelter a myriad of flora and fauna. Head […]

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