When you work at a company like Turquoise, you spend your life learning and discovering the wonders this world has to offer (all in the name of our clients of course!), but rarely do we step back and think of our number one bucket list destination – where would we want to visit if we were asking for holiday help and advice? Therefore I am delighted to introduce James Bell, one of the founders and Sales and Marketing Director of Turquoise, to kick-start a series of interview blogs we will be posting from the Turquoise team – and the truth about where travel specialists would like to go on their own holiday and why!

James, which Turquoise destination is on your bucket list and why?

My dream destination would have to be The South Pacific. The weather is perfect during our summer months, as a child I loved looking a maps of the Pacific and the tiny dots which littered the pages of my school atlas. I was fascinated by the names and wondered what the tiny specks on the map were really like, it’s was only later life I was to discover the true beauty of this remote part of the globe. Our travel company Turquoise is named after the colour of the water in the lagoons, bays and inlets that surround the idyllic islands of The South Pacific.

Who would you take?

The South Pacific and especially The Islands of Tahiti are fabulously romantic and so I would naturally take my wife Sue – but my children Sophie and Angus are true water babes and for them to swim in those crystal waters would be a joy to watch. Many of the overwater bungalows have glass topped coffee tops which slide back so you can a) jump straight in or b) drop bread crumbs straight down to the myriad of tropical fish which swim below  – I like to think of this as Tahitian TV and it beats CBEEBIES (even the Octonauts!!)

Where would you stay?

I would love to visit  The Cook Islands, Fiji and The Islands of Tahiti individually as they all offer something completely different.  The South Pacific is to an Island hopper, like me, a paradise. If I had to choose just one, I think it would have to be Fiji (to start with!). It is a destination rightly known for the friendliness of it’s people, it’s stunning beaches and it’s remote untouched Islands. Yasawa Island is Sue’s favourite, there are no other properties on this perfect piece of island paradise – bliss!

How would you get there?

The old coral route to the pacific is now operated by Air New Zealand – an awesome airline with fantastic routes and aircraft. A journey which took up to a week in the great seaplanes of yester year can now been done in a day and night. If money grew like the flowers on the hibiscus bushes in Fiji, I would fly business which on Air New Zealand or in their new cuddle class – not only because I love the name, but also because I love the concept!

What would you eat?

Everything from sea… crayfish and huge prawns a wash with local lemon and lime juice and course black pepper, fruit of every colour, shape and size. I love water melon especially for breakfast, strong black coffee and fresh bread and then dive into the crashing surf which pounds the beach to wash away the last remnants of sleep.

What would you drink?

Cold white wine (with an ice cube or two) from the not so distant New Zealand, I know I shouldn’t have the ice, but here in Fiji it seems right.

What would you buy?

There is nothing to buy here –  only time and peace – so take your shoes off and let the magic of Yasawa and Fiji do it’s thing.


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