Hi my name is Ben and I am the head PT/owner at Eat Move Live Better, we are a personal training company that specialise in helping women get serious results. Our aim is to help you get to a place where you feel confident in yourself and your body. We work with all aspects of our clients lifestyle from their training and nutrition to mind-set and sleep patterns along with all the other phases needed to create long lasting results. We are primarily based around South West London but we do some work closer to the city too. Currently I have myself and another coach, Phil, working for the company.

My History:

I personally never was a fitness freak from an early age; I actually put on a lot of weight as I went through school and ended up at over 18 stone at my heaviest. In a real cliché I woke up one day and decided enough was enough when looking in the mirror, I was extremely unhappy with how I was and I wanted a change. I started by walking/jogging laps in my garden which was probably only 15-20 metres a lap, I think my first time out I managed 3 laps before nearly keeling over! I did this every day until I built up the confidence and fitness to start running outside. I continued running and losing weight but what I didn’t realise was that I had developed depression previously. This is the reason I had been eating so terribly which meat that I became bulimic on my weight loss journey, this led to an extremely unhealthy weight loss, I got down to just over 10 stone which was way too light for my body shape. It has taken me a long time to get to a state of happiness with myself, my body, my training and my nutrition but without my experiences in these areas I don’t feel I would be half the personal trainer I am. Once I saw what difference fitness had made to my life I wanted to be able to help more people get to a point where they are happy, confident and feeling strong mentally and physically.

What we do:

Our workout sessions vary depending upon your goals and fitness levels as we work with many women who are pregnant, who have never done anything other than classes and cardio or who just never thought about fitness before. We try to use as many exercises that activate multiple muscle groups at once to ensure you get the biggest results possible. We will challenge you and teach you lots of new exercises but we will always make sure you feel comfortable within the session. We usually mix lots of equipment like kettlebells and TRX into a HIIT type session with boxing/kickboxing elements for your cardio. Our clients also tell us it is also a great stress release and highly enjoyable being able to punch something!

We will be providing you with monthly workout plans to follow at home/outside (weather permitting, in the UK anything is possible!) along with a recipe or 2 for you to try out each time. This time we are giving you one of our absolute favourite recipes going, it is simple, delicious and cooked in around 10 minutes!


Delicious and easy recipe idea:

Spicy chorizo and prawn courgetti
Serves 2 people

2 courgettes
300g raw prawns
1/2 pack pre cut chorizo slices
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
juice of 1/2 lime
salt and pepper

First of all if you don’t have a spiralizer to create the courgette noodles then you can either buy them pre-cut in most supermarkets or just use a grater but it takes a little bit more time to do this.

-Place the olive oil, cayenne pepper, lime juice, salt and pepper into a big bowl and mix up.
-Place the prawns in a pan on a medium heat and begin to cook through until pink
-Make your courgette noodles (Courgetti) and mix it in the bowl with the other ingredients, I usually use my hands for this to make sure the mix is evenly spread but it obviously makes a mess!
-Preheat a pan big enough for the courgetti
-Cut the slices of chorizo into halves and place them in with the prawns and continue to cook and stir until the chorizo gets crispy
-Throw the courgetti into the preheated pan and stir fry them for 2-3 minutes
-Put the prawns and chorizo into the same pan as the courgetti, mix together and then serve!


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