Scuba diving is an incredible experience that many people choose for holidays across the world. Getting up close and personal with some of the life under the sea is unforgettable and completely addictive. You’ll be surprised at how different the world under the ocean is, and how each island differs from each other as you explore around the world. Today we’re highlighting three very different countries, each with spectacular beaches and perfect diving locations.

1. Fiji

Fiji is a tropical paradise come to life above the water, with picture perfect beaches, palm trees, and towering volcanoes above it all. Below the turquoise lagoons, pristine coral reefs await you, with an abundance of fish and undersea mammals swimming around as you navigate your way through. Since many islands are not yet developed for tourism, Fiji can be surprisingly quiet, ideal for imagining yourself on your own and thus a true dream for honeymooners.

In Fijian waters you’ll find a huge array of fish – around a thousand different species – many different types of corals and sponges, and larger species such as sharks, tuna, and turtles. You might even see a whale or explore a sunken ship.

2. Mozambique

Africa’s hidden beach gem, Mozambique is a virgin territory for divers across the world. This lovely African island has 2500 kilometres of coast just waiting for exploration. Mozambique is home to the famous dolphin safaris in addition to its luxury accommodation and pristine beaches. Underwater, you’ll find events such as the Humpback Whale migration, taking place from June to October, and a larger number of whale sharks and manta rays throughout the rest of the year.

Mozambique is a perfect pair with a safari holiday or a city break in South Africa or Dubai.

scuba diving grand cayman3. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are your holiday choice for a relaxed, peaceful way of life, with plenty to do from lizard sanctuaries to historical buildings to public parks. You can even find submarine adventures where you don’t have to get wet to enjoy the underwater scenery – but when it comes down to it, there really isn’t anything better than getting in the water and experiencing the atmosphere and excitement of scuba diving yourself.

The Cayman Islands are perfect for turtles, coral reefs, and a huge variety of fish, whether you are scuba diving or snorkelling. As with many former pirate islands, you may even see some wrecks down there, added a touch of history and excitement to your turn underwater.

If you’re an avid diver, choosing your holiday destination based on the underwater scenery can be a great idea, ensuring you have lots to do and manage to burn off all of the calories you’ll eat through the days. Even if you’re new, many resorts will have PADI diving centres, giving you the perfect new experience for your holiday or honeymoon. There are many more destinations around the world that have diving potential; just ask us if you’re planning your next luxury holiday!


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